How to Get Ivara 2024 Guide

Ivara is an all-around Warframe, capable of stealth, dealing damage, and even disabling or distracting enemies. She is popular for being a good thief, able to pickpocket her enemies while remaining invisible, and can even shoot different types of arrows. When in need, she can summon her Artemis Bow, to deal a load of damage to multiple enemies or bosses.

One of Ivara’s more unique traits is her ability to use Quiver which allows her to pick from multiple arrows. This includes Cloak Arrows to make allies invisible, Dashwire Arrows to provide a wire to walk across, Noise Arrows to distract enemies, and Sleep Arrows to put enemies into slumber. These arrows allow Ivara to manipulate missions greatly.

How to Get Ivara?

You can get Ivara’s Blueprints by doing certain spy missions which have a chance to drop her Main blueprints and component blueprints.

The following can be obtained in certain spy missions:

  • Ivara Blueprints (Level 26 Spy and above)
  • Ivara Neuroptics (Level 26 Spy and above)
  • Ivara Chassis (Level 16-25 Spy)
  • Systems (Level 1-15 Spy)

It is possible to purchase Ivara built as a whole for 325 Platinum via the market.

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Crafting Ivara

The following are the crafting requirements for Ivara.

Ivara Blueprint

  • Ivara Neuroptics x 1
  • Ivara Chassis x 1
  • Ivara Systems x 1
  • Orokin Cell x 1
  • Credits x 25,000

Ivara Neuroptics

  • Argon Crystal x 2
  • Neurodes x 5
  • Plastids x 800
  • Polymer Bundle x 2,600
  • Credits x 15,000

Ivara Chassis

  • Cryotic x 2,000
  • Morphics x 5
  • Nitain Extract x 4
  • Rubedo x 700
  • Credits x 15,000

Ivara Systems

  • Argon Crystal x 1
  • Control Module x 5
  • Nitain Extract x 5
  • Rubedo x 1,000
  • Credits x 15,000

Ivara Resources

Below is a breakdown of the resources that you will be needing when crafting Ivara as well as the locations where you can find them.


Resource Locations


Argon CrystalVoidClick Here
Control ModuleNeptune, Europa, VoidClick Here
CryoticExcavation MissionsClick Here
MorphicsMercury, Mars, Europa, PlutoClick Here
NeurodesEarth, Deimos, Eris, LuaClick Here
Nitain ExtractObtainable from multiple sourcesClick Here
Orokin CellCeres, Deimos, SaturnClick Here
PlastidsSaturn, Uranus, Phobos, Pluto, ErisClick Here
Polymer BundleMercury, Venus, UranusClick Here
RubedoPhobos, Earth, Pluto, Europa, Sedna, VoidClick Here

Completing Spy Missions

To obtain Ivara’s Parts, you need to complete spy missions and must successfully hack all Data Vaults. Upon extracting from the missions, you have a chance to receive a component, which defers based on the difficulty of the mission.

Below are the following parts and which missions are available to do to get them:

Ivara Neuroptics and Blueprint (7.52% Chance)

  • Cambria, Earth (Level 2-4)
  • Unda, Venus (Level 4-6
  • Suisei, Mercury (Level 8-10)
  • Arval, Mars (Level 9-11)
  • Shklovsky, Phobos (Level 11-13)

Ivara Chassis (5.64% Chance)

  • Bode, Ceres (Level 12-14)
  • Amalthea, Jupiter (Level 17-19)
  • Valac, Europa (Level 18-20)
  • Dione, Saturn (Level 21-23)

Ivara Systems (9.09% chance)

  • Rosalind, Uranus (Level 27-29)
  • Nereid, Neptune (Level 30-32)
  • Oceanum, Pluto (Level 32-36)
  • Kelpie, Sedna (Level 35-40)

Ivara PrimeIvara Warframe Prime

Ivara Prime can be obtained by unlocking its parts from the following Void Relics:

Ivara Prime Blueprint

  • Lith B8
  • Lith N4
  • Lith N5
  • Meso N9
  • Axi B4

Ivara Prime Neuroptics

  • Neo T4
  • Meso D6
  • Lith D3
  • Meso C4
  • Meso N10
  • Neo M3

Ivara Prime Chassis

  • Lith I1
  • Neo I1
  • Neo I2

Ivara Prime Systems

  • Lith A4
  • Axi C6
  • Meso P2
  • Axi A9


  • Using a stealth Warframe such as Loki can make it easier to do spy missions as you do not want to fail them, other Warframes will do but it may be a bit difficult.
  • You can expect to be doing several Spy missions and should prepare accordingly when it comes to modding your Warframe.
  • You can check out which mission, tileset, and faction you will be doing the Spy mission against, to make things more comfortable and give you a choice between missions.

Final Thoughts

Ivara may take some time to get but she is worth it, being at several roles in missions. Her Invisibility is a great way to get by and can even be upgraded further to let her sneak past traps. Being able to use her different arrows will place you at an advantage, especially when you use her Navigation ability to control the projectile.

All in all, Ivara is a great covert expert, dealing damage and disabling enemies from afar while supporting her allies in missions. Obtaining Ivara is also a great way to get used to hacking in Spy Missions.


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