How to Get Ducats in Warframe (2024)

Orokin Ducats or what are simply known as Ducats, is a type of currency that is used for purchasing specific items in the game from a certain NPC.

Baro Ki’teer, who is also known as the Void Trader, will come every now and then, bringing along some goods from the Void which many players look forward to buying.

Having a stock of Ducats on hand will ensure that you are prepared to purchase anything that you want from the Void Trader when the time comes.

How To Get Orokin Ducats?

Ducats are obtained by selling various items that you may collect as you play Warframe, these are sold at certain prices depending on their rarity.

You can sell Prime blueprints, weapon parts as well as crafted Warframe components at the Ducat Kiosk, which is in any Relay aside from Maroo’s Bazaar.

Simply head to a Relay and go further inside where the Ducat Kiosks will be located on each of the sides of the large room.

Once you interact with the Kiosk, you will see what items you have that can be sold for Ducats and can select them.

You will be able to see the amount of Ducats you will earn in total after picking the items that you want to sell.

After selecting the items you want to get rid of in exchange for Ducats, just confirm the sale by clicking “Sell Items” and the exchange will be done.

Aside from selling Prime items at a Kiosk, you will also be able to purchase Ducats from Varzia using Aya during Prime Resurgence.

Ducats Uses

Ducat’s are mainly used to purchase items from the Void Trader, who appears at a specific relay every 2 weeks during a month.

Once the Void Trader is at a Relay, you will see his symbol on which relay he is at as well as get a message in your inbox from him.

Aside from being used to purchase items from the Void Trader, Ducats are also a requirement when you wish to craft the Paracesis.

Ducats are also a requirement when you wish to increase your rank with the Conclave to Rank 5 (Typhoon) which costs you 100 Ducats.

If you have unlocked Iron Wake, you will be able to buy Rell’s Donda (25 Ducats) from Palladino, which is used as a decoration for your Orbiter.

How To Get Ducats Fast

When it comes to obtaining Ducats, the best and most efficient way would be to grind Prime parts by opening Void Relics.

Void Relics can be opened by doing Void Fissures, which appear often on the Star Chart and depending on the rarity of the part, you will earn more.

The best way would be to solo a Void Fissure that can be completed quickly such as a Capture or Rescue mission as you can repeat these and quickly open the Void Relics.

You can use Void Traces to make the Void Relics radiant to give a better chance at dropping higher rarity parts to sell for more Ducats.

Doing Void Fissures with other players is not a bad idea though as this can provide you with the option of choosing their rewards, which may be a rarer part than what you have.


While there are not that many uses for Ducats in Warframe, it is still good to have a good supply on you because you will never know what the Void Trader brings.

As you play the game, you will eventually obtain Prime parts that you may no longer need and instead of trading them for Platinum with other players, you can use them to get Ducats.

Ducats are not that hard to obtain if you have all the necessary means to get them, basically having a lot of Void Relics.


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