How to Get Revenant 2022 Guide

Revenant, the embodiment of Sentient energy and death, arose like a ghost from the past to lay waste to his enemies.

Using the Sentient energy within him, Revenant is capable of taking control of enemies by converting them, stealing life force from his foes, and unleashing death around him.

This Warframe does well when it comes to taking enemies head-on and can even turn them to fight for his cause.

How to Get Revenant?

The main blueprint for Revenant can be obtained by completing a quest called The Mask of The Revenant, which is available at the rank of Observer with The Quills.

To obtain the other component blueprints for Revenant, you will need to do bounties in the Plains of Eidolon.

Another way to get Revenant is to purchase him with 325 Platinum, which will save you the time from farming resources and even completing his quest.

Crafting Revenant

The following are the crafting requirements for Revenant.

Revenant Blueprint

  • Revenant Neuroptics x 1 
  • Revenant Chassis x 1
  • RevenantSystems x 1
  • Orokin Cell x 1
  • Credits x 25,000

Revenant Neuroptics

  • Neural Sensors x 3
  • Intact Sentient Core x 15
  • Polymer Bundle x 6,000
  • Rubedo x 2,200
  • Credits x 15,000

Revenant Chassis

  • Morphics x 3
  • Intact Sentient Core x 10
  • Rubedo x 1,500
  • Iradite x 50
  • Credits x 15,000

Revenant Systems

  • Control Module x 3
  • Cetus Wisp x 3
  • Salvage x 8,000
  • Polymer Bundle x 3,000
  • Credits x 15,000

Revenant Resources

The following is a list of resources needed to build Revenant, their locations as well as our guides on where to farm them.


Resource Locations


Neural SensorsEuropa, Jupiter, Kuva FortressRead Here
Intact Sentient CorePlains of Eidolon (Earth)
Polymer Bundle Mercury, Venus, UranusRead Here
RubedoPhobos, Earth, Pluto, Europa, Sedna, VoidRead Here
MorphicsMercury, Mars, Europa, PlutoRead Here
IraditePlains of Eidolon (Earth)Read Here
Control ModuleNeptune, Europa, VoidRead Here
Cetus WispPlains of Eidolon (Earth)
SalvageMars, Jupiter, SednaRead Here

Complete Mask of the RevenantMask of the Revenant

Before you can proceed with this quest, you will need a Mask of the Lost One, which you can get from Nakak.

Once you enter the plains, you will need to follow a waypoint and interact with a spot filled with energy, which you will then interact with.

You will need to craft one of Revenants components (available from bounties) before you can proceed with the quest, repeating the previous step.

Players will similarly repeat the steps until they encounter the Revenant Specter, which must be defeated, rewarding you afterward with the Revenant blueprint.

Revenant Prime

There is no Revenant Prime in Warframe for the time being, but later on, after a few updates, he may be introduced.


  • Unlike other Warframes, you will get the main blueprint for Revenant after the quest, requiring you to craft his other parts first.
  • You will always be led to the same area but will have to follow the steps and waypoints to proceed with the quest.
  • Without the Mask of the Lost one, you will not be able to proceed with the quest, you need to purchase one from Nakak and equip it on your operator.

Final Thoughts

Revenant can easily take on several enemies at once due to his abilities, as well as withstand more damage than expected.

He can convert enemies into thralls to fight for him and even dash through enemies to steal their life force, perfect for empowering himself and for versatility.

To add more survivability, Revenant’s Mesmer Skin ability can be used to block incoming damage and stun attackers, opening them to finishers.

When the time calls for it, Revenant can perform the Danse Macabre, spinning in a circle of death while beams fire out to destroy enemies and redirect incoming damage.

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