Warframe Sybaris Prime Primary Weapon

Warframe Sybaris Prime Build 2024

The Sybaris Prime is the upgraded version of its predecessor lever-action rifle, the Sybaris, featuring increased Critical Chance, Status Chance, … Read more

Warframe Buzlok Primary Weapon

Warframe Buzlok Build 2024

The Buzlok is a rifle designed by the Grineer that fires slugs at enemies which also includes a unique homing … Read more

Warframe Basmu Primary Weapon

Warframe Basmu Build 2024

The Basmu is a Sentient war instrument that has 2 firing modes; one fires out deadly bolts while another one … Read more

Warframe Ambassador Primary Weapon

Warframe Ambassador Build 2024

The Ambassador is a Corpus assault rifle that mainly deals electricity damage, capable of unleashing several rounds or powerful explosive … Read more