Warframe Polymer Bundle Farm 2024 Guide

Polymer Bundles are common resources that can be farmed on a few planets. These are usually used for crafting gear such as Energy Restores along with components that create landing crafts, Warframes as well as other weapons.

Most players try to farm this resource later on as it is necessary in the endgame, especially for those who use squad restores. We have put together the best Polymer Bundle farming locations that will easily help you obtain them efficiently.

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How To Farm Polymer Bundle?

In order to farm Polymer Bundle, you will need to find the locations where they drop and you will need to either kill enemies (which is more effective) or go around looking for storages.

The best ways to get a large amount of Polymer Bundle in a farming session would be to farm with a squad as this will increase the enemies that spawn.

Farming with a Nekros in your squad is a great way to force out more loot but having a Hydroid definitely works best.

Where To Farm Polymer Bundle?

While Polymer Bundle drops in Mercury, Venus and Uranus, most players would prefer to farm in Uranus due to the Dark Sector missions.

Venus may be one of the earliest places where you can farm Polymer Bundles but Uranus is a much more preferred end game location for farming the components.

Mercury will be a choice along the way but eventually players stick with missions such as Ophelia or Assur on Uranus.

Polymer Bundle Farming Locations

Ophelia (Uranus) – Survival

While Ophelia is not a Dark Sector survival mission, it does have some of the best farming spots that can be utilized during the mission.

A squad of players can easily farm a huge amount of Polymer Bunder within a few rotations and even obtain valuable mods as well as Tellurium, a rare resource that many players have trouble farming. We recommend Hydroid as a main farming Warframe for this mission and to bring a Nekros for even more resources to drop.

It’s best to stick with your squad when in this mission as enemies will grow stronger over time and if you wander off, you could cause enemies to follow you and later on get killed which may anger a squad that wishes to camp.

Assur (Uranus) – Dark Sector: Survival

Assur is another favored Dark Sector survival on Uranus and usually farmed as a substitute for Ophelia since some players prefer the fact that there is a 25% increase in resource drop chance. This has made players combine farming Warframes with the mission to try to get as much out of the enemies as they can.

Unlike Ophelia, this map is darker and has different pathways which make it easy to catch a lot of infested in a small area. Players may go with Hydroid, Nekros and other farming Warframes that have the ability to force loot out of enemies.

Malva (Venus) – Dark Sector: Survival

Since the rework on Corpus maps, Venus has seen a lot of changes where Malva, the Dark Sector survival is one of them. While the mission only has a 10% increased resource drop chance, players can easily reach Venus as they start out in Warframe and can farm enough Polymer Bundles at an early stage.

Due to the low level of enemies, most players should not have a hard time farming Polymer Bundles in this mission, especially with a squad backing them up. If you have just started up, your best bet would be to head to Venus and target a Dark Sector mission such as Malva.

Final Thoughts

Ophelia is considered to be the best place for farming Polymer Bundle while Assur comes in second by offering itself as a Dark Sector mission. Some players prefer Ophelia due to the other resources that may be obtained such as Tellurium and even mods like Condition Overload.

While Assur has a 30% increase in drop rate for resources, Ophelia still comes first due to the convenience of farming in the mission. Venus remains in the list since it provides players with an early place to farm Polymer Bundle when they have just started out.

Although Polymer Bundles can easily be farmed, the quantities of this component needed are sometimes high and it is wise to always bring a squad to farm with you. When farming with a squad, try not to go off on yourself and leave a group that’s trying to camp as this will make things harder for them, especially when they have a good squad set up.


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