Warframe Morphics Farm 2024 Guide

Morphics is a component required for crafting several equipment in Warframe which include Warframe parts, weapons, Forma along with Orokin Catalysts and Reactors. This resource can be found on a few of the planets but it comes in small amounts, making it quite rare but not that hard to find.

We have come up with the best places for Morphics farming which should help you collect as much as you need.

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How To Farm Morphics?

Morphics can drop from certain enemies on their respective planets during missions. They can also be obtained from loot containers when one roams around the map and destroys them.

Since they both drop from containers and enemies, one of the best ways to farm Morphics is either to roam around killing enemies and looting storages or to do an endless mission on a planet where Morphics drops.

Where To Farm Morphics?

Morphics can currently be farmed on Mercury, Mars, Phobos, Europa and Pluto. This component is rare and has a small chance to drop from enemies but it can be found in storages on the planet as well.

One of the best places to farm Morphics is Mars, which is due to the fact that you can find a lot of their containers in the missions on the planet.

Several missions on Mars have Morphics lying all over their maps and this has become a big help to new players who have just started out.

Morphics Farming Locations

Ara (Mars) – Capture

Ara on Mars is one of the fastest ways to get Morphics. This is because you can simply do a run and stumble upon the component without even knowing. Your only objective will be to capture the target and after that, you can simply roam around searching for the storages that contain Morphics.

A good way to farm this mission for Morphics would be to have mods that increase your loot range and to go around destroying all the storages you find while heading to capture your target.

The good thing about farming Morphics on Ara is that you can easily get Morphics and leave the mission once you capture your target or simply capture the target and search for loot afterwards.

Ara is considered to be one of the best Morphics farming locations for both new and experienced players.

Wahiba (Mars) – Dark Sector: Survival

Wahiba is a Dark Sector survival mission which has a 20% increased drop rate that works well with farming Warframes.

Being a Dark Sector mission, you will be going up against the infested which are usually quite easy to kill. A good idea would be to either take Hydroid equipped with the Pilfering Swarm mod and camp in a spot or to roam around with Nekros while also destroying storages.

Special Morphics containers may also be found around the maps on Mars which makes missions on it an easy way to farm Morphics. It would be best to bring a squad with you so that there would be more enemies in the mission spawning, making it easier for Morphics to drop.

Gradivus (Mars) – Dark Sector: Defense

A more controlled environment such as Gradivus on Mars allows players to fight enemies by waves.

Being a Dark Sector mission, Gradivus also has an increased drop rate by 20% and along with a farming Warframe, this could increase the odds for Morphics drops.

You can also check around for containers which may have Morphics but your best bet would be to continue fighting waves from around 10 waves to 20 waves before repeating the mission.

Having more players in the squad would be a good idea to increase the amount of enemies per wave so that more resources are dropped.

Final Thoughts

Among the many planets that Morphics can be found, Mars has been known to give an abundant amount and it can simply be farmed on Mars.

Ara remains to be one of the best Morphics farming locations in the game which can provide players with a good amount after a few runs.

Since Ara is a capture mission, the objective can be completed within seconds and players are free to search for Morphics on the map.

Most of the Morphics in the missions will be from destroying storage containers but the component does drop from enemies as well.

Wahiba serves as a good location to farm Morphics and for those who need other resources and would like to stay in the mission longer. Gradivus can serve as a substitute that yields a good amount of Morphics depending on whether you camp at the start of a mission or roam first.


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