Warframe Vitus Essence Farm 2024 Guide

Vitus Essence is a special resource that comes only from Arbitrations in Warframe. These missions will be available and change on an hourly basis. These missions serve as late game missions and are meant to not only test players, but to also reward them for their hard work.

Some players head into an Arbitration and think that they will easily get Vitus Essence. This may sometimes go the other way for players if they are unprepared. Luckily, we have created this guide to help you have an easier Vitus Essence farming experience.

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How To Get Vitus Essence?

The only way to obtain Vitus Essence is to do the Arbitration alert. During these alerts, you will face stronger enemies in a random endless mission. A specific Warframe and weapon will have a boost but this does not always have to be followed. There is a chance to receive 3 Vitus Essence with every rotation in Arbitrations.

Arbitration Shield Drones are enemies that protect your enemies from damage which must be destroyed and as a reward, they have a chance to drop Vitus Essence as well.

Where To Get Vitus Essence?

Arbitrations are selected at random and will place you in different maps to face different enemies. There will be one Arbitration available hourly which changes after its period of time is up. Should you participate in an Arbitration and end the mission, the Arbitration will be gone and you will need to wait for the next random one.

Best Ways To Get Vitus Essence

Use Boosted Warframe

Arbitrations grant 300% increased ability strength for a specific Warframe each time the missions are renewed. This may come to an advantage for players who have the Warframe that has a boost which they may then use to make the Arbitration easier to handle. The 300% increase in ability strength is meant to improve the capabilities of the Warframe’s abilities.

It is highly suggested that you use a Warframe that is boosted to improve the outcome of the mission, allowing you to get more Vitus Essence upon the ending of the mission.

Use Boosted Weapon

Aside from a boost to a Warframes ability strength, an increase in weapon damage is also provided by the Arbitration, increasing its damage to 300% which makes a big difference with certain weapons or builds. This will further help veteran players who have a full build for their weapon to last even longer during Arbitrations.

The additional damage will help players defeat enemies in the mission with ease and cope well in giving the players a chance against the stronger enemies in the mission.

Go With a Squad

Arbitrations are late game missions which will definitely put you to the challenge. This makes bringing a squad with you much easier as you may all get different boosts to Warframes and weapons. This allows players to join to gather in making combinations of Warframes for the mission or simply allowing them to last long.

Bringing a squad with you will increase the chances of receiving more during an Arbitration and will allow you to go beyond what you normally could if playing solo.

Bring a Smeeta Kavat

Smeeta Kavats are well known for their many buffs but in this case, we focus on its ability to double the resources that you pick up. This gives the Smeeta Kavat a chance to provide you with a buff that lasts for a certain period of time, allowing you to receive twice the amount of resources that you pick up during the mission.

This buff will cause the Vitus Essences that are dropped by the Arbitration Shield Drones to be doubled which allows players to get 6 Vitus Essence by chance instead of 3.

Use a Resource Booster

For those who need to farm a large amount of Vitus Essence, a Resource Booster may come in handy. Similar to the Smeeta Kavat, the resource Booster causes your items to be doubled when picked up. This also stacks with the buff provided by the Smeeta Kavat.

Resource Boosters may cost platinum, but in the event that you are trying to focus on farming Vitus Essence, using a resource booster will guarantee you obtain a lot of Vitus Essence by the end of the Arbitration.

Final Thoughts

It is clear that Vitus Essence is only obtainable from Arbitrations and the best ways to get them are by surviving the rotations as well as destroying the Arbitration Shield Drones. These are what most players will stay focused on and to achieve both, players may use any play style they prefer.

It’s a good idea to try to make use of the bonuses that the Arbitration requires but you may freely use any Warframe or weapon. It is wise to play with a squad for a better chance at surviving the powerful enemies that you will be facing.

Vitus Essence picked up from the destruction of a Arbitration Shield Drone may have an increased yield if your Smeeta Kavat uses the right buff and/or if you have a Resource Booster that is active. Vitus Essence farming may rely more on your ability to stay within the Arbitration and how soon you can kill enemies, mainly the Shield Drones.


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