Anomaly Shard Farm 2023 Guide

Anomaly Shards are a type of resource that can only be obtained from Sentient ships and can be used for either crafting or exchanging. Players will need to do Anomaly Shard farming to obtain a good amount of these as these come by the piece when farmed.

Having a good amount of Anomaly Shards will allow you to craft the Caliban Warframe as well as the Venato Weapon and these may also be traded for exotic goods from Little Duck on Fortuna. 

How To Farm Anomaly Shard?

Anomaly Shards can only be farmed in one way, which is to clear the Murex (Sentient Ship) that appears during specific Grineer Railjack missions.

These Railjack missions will be similar to normal missions but will have a twist at the end, a Sentient ship will be present in the mission and you will have an additional objective after completing the main ones. During this mission, you will have to infiltrate the Sentient ship and clear Sentients within.

Where To Farm Anomaly Shard?

You will only be able to find Murex ships in the Veil Proxima but these do not appear on just any Grineer mission, you will have to look out for the beacon. You will notice that one of the missions in the Veil Proxima will are a blinking red node, which is a sign that a Murex ship is present there. You will need to choose the Murex mission to get a chance to obtain an Anomaly Shard.

Ways To Get Anomaly Shard

Completing Murex Ship Objective

The only way to get an Anomaly Shard is by the Railjack missions that have a Murex ship present, which as mentioned earlier is hinted at by the mission blinking red on the Star Chart. You will need to pick the specific mission that is blinking red to find the Murex ship.

The Railjack missions will always have you clearing out Fighters and Cruise Ships before you can do the other objectives.

Once you have finished clearing out the enemies and have completed the main objectives, you will next need to head over to the Sentient ship and will have to enter it. This is done by exiting the Railjack, flying to the entrance of the ship, and entering it. Once inside, you will need to explore and kill at least 20 Sentients for the objective to be complete. You are guaranteed to get 1 Anomaly Shard once you have cleared out 20 Sentients.

The number of Anomaly Shards may be increased if you have a Smeeta Kavat that buffs you or an active Resource Booster.

Final Thoughts

Due to the addition of the Caliban Warframe and Venato weapon, players now need to farm a lot of Anomaly Shards to craft them. You will need to defeat at least 20 Sentients and once this has been done, you will instantly obtain an Anomaly Shard and may extract from the mission after returning to your Railjack. 

Using a Smeeta Kavat and timing the 20th Sentient kill when buffed will double the amount of Anomaly Shards you get while the same goes for a Resource Booster.

Combining a Smeeta Kavat and a Resource Booster will get you even more Anomaly Shards, making it very easy to farm them in a short amount of time.


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