Warframe Somatic Fibers Farm 2024 Guide

Somatic Fibers is a component that dates back to the earliest prototype Warframes. This component is used when crafting the Lua Lens, which gives the most Focus conversion than the other ones in the game.

In order to craft a Lua Lens, you will need 5 of these components for each Lua Lens that you wish to craft. This component does not drop like the normal resources you can find in planet drop tables.

In order to help you out in farming Somatic Fibers, we have prepared a quick guide for you which includes the location and how to farm the component.

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How To Farm Somatic Fibers?

Somatic Fibers may be found only on a specific mission on Lua which is a disruption mission. You must play through the mission and kill the Demolysts in order to have a chance of obtaining the Somatic Fibers they may drop.

This resource will not always drop and you may have to stay for a longer time during the mission in order to farm efficiently. Going with a team is suggested as these enemies can be quite hard to shade sometimes.

Where To Farm Somatic Fibers?

The only mission where you can get Somatic Fibers is in Apollo which is on Lua. This is a disruption mission and will be the only source of Somatic Fibers. Somatic Fibers are currently only farmable on the mentioned mission and will need to be farmed there.

Somatic Fibers Farming Location

Apollo (Lua) – Disruption

Apollo is the only mission that allows you to farm Somatic Fibers. Like other disruption missions, you have similar goals and must play through it like you would any other mission. The Somatic Fibers do not drop based on the rotation but rather they only have a chance to drop when you kill the Demolysts.

These Demolysts will be spawning for each terminal that is activated (one Demolyst per terminal) and you will need to kill them before they destroy them. The Demolysts have a slightly moderate chance to drop the Somatic Fibers on death, which means you may take a while before getting as much as you need.

If you are lucky, more Somatic Fibers will drop but this is less likely. In order to farm efficiently, it is suggested that you play with a squad. Farming Warframes such as Nekros will not be able to force more enemies to drop extra loot, so it is best to use Warframes that are sturdy and that can be used for killing the Demolysts.

Lua Lens

The only purpose for farming Somatic Fibers is to craft the Lua Lens. This Lens is the highest quality of all of the types of Lens that may be crafted. In order to obtain its blueprint, you must complete Rotation for each round of the disruption mission on Lua, Apollo. Basically, you can farm Somatic Fibers and the Lua Lens at the same time which makes it a two birds one stone scenario.

You’re most likely to get more Somatic Fibers as the Lua Lens only comes as a reward from rotation C while the Somatic Fibers can drop from each Demolyst that you kill in the mission.

Final Thoughts

Understanding how disruption missions work is a necessity, if you want to farm Somatic Fibers as failure can make it difficult to reap the rewards of a long disruption. You will be able to solo Apollo but it’s guaranteed to be much faster when you have a squad along with you. Good allies should let you know, if a Demolyst dropped the components but it’s always good to double back and check for yourself.

Farming both the Lua Lens and the Somatic Fibers that are needed for it can be done together and can easily be done if you smoothly focus on completing all the rotations, in other words protecting all the terminals from the Demolysts.

The rate of which you can farm Somatic Fibers depends on how fast you can kill enemies, which affects the chance of keys dropping as well as how fast you can get to each terminal and kill the Demolysts that arrive. The faster you can do the disruption objectives, the quicker you will be able to obtain Somatic Fibers.

Solo players can do two terminals at once easily as long as they can move fast, allowing them to farm Somatic Fibers faster, while a squad can do multiple at a time as long as they can kill enemies fast enough to drop all keys.


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