Warframe Gyromag Systems Farm 2024 Guide

Gyromag System is one of the main resources needed for crafting the Gravimag enhancement as well as crafting the Cantic, Lega and Klamora prisms. A secondary weapon called Plinx also requires this resource. In order to acquire it, players must either do Bounty Heists or purchase it when it has been unlocked.

In this guide, we have prepared everything you need to know when it comes to farming Gyromag Systems.

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How To Farm Gyromag Systems?

In order to obtain Gyromag Systems, you must do Bounty Heists. Gyromag Systems have a chance to drop when a Bounty Heist is completed as they are included in the reward table of all bounties. Aside from farming Gyromag Systems, you may purchase them from Little Duck but will have to be in the rank of Hand or higher before doing so.

Where To Farm Gyromag Systems?

You can start Bounty Heists by speaking with Eudico and selecting one of the four bounties. These will all take place in Orb Vallis once they have been started. Eudico may be found in the back room near the entrance to Orb Vallis.

Ways To Get Gyromag Systems

Heist Bounties

The only way you will be able to farm Gyromag Systems is by doing the Heist Bounties. Until then, you will not be able to purchase them from Little Duck. There are a total of four bounties but most players prefer the second one due to its ease. You can expect to finish a bounty in around 5 minutes or less but the second takes only 1-3 minutes.

It is best to stick to the second Bounty Heist until you reach the rank of Hand so that you may also be able to purchase them from Little duck. Brining a squad with you can help you complete the Bounty Heists but the second one can easily be done solo.

Purchase With Standing

Gyromag Systems can be purchased from Little Duck for 1,000 Vox Solaris standing but this requires that you are at least at the rank of Hand or higher. Little Duck may be found in the back room near the entrance to Orb Vallis.

Final Thoughts

Gyromag Systems currently are used to make 5 different items which are Cantic, Lega and Klamora prisms along with the Plinx. The other item buildable with Gyromag Systems is the Gravimag enhancement which is required later on. While Heist Bounties may be the only way to initially farm Gyromag Systems, they can easily be done until you can buy them from Little Duck.

Most players tend to buy everything first before deciding to buy them from Little Duck since the bounties can easily be farmed and it’s up to luck to get you the right systems.


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