Scintillant Farm 2024 Guide

Scintillant is a rare resource that was added along with the Heart of Deimos update. This resource is not used much and is required mainly for crafting Xaku Systems, the Quassus melee weapon as well as Voidrig Capsules for Necramechs.

You don’t need much of this resource, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t one of the annoying ones to get.

While there are several ways to obtain this resource, it is still considered rare as even though it may appear easy to get, it takes quite some time for most players and they only drop per piece.

In this guide we have included the best ways to farm Scintillant in order to save you the time and trouble.

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How To Farm Scintillant?

Scintillant can be farmed by doing different bounties and may appear as a rare or common reward. They can also be obtained in many ways during Isolation Vault bounties, but they are not always obtainable, and one must either keep a keen eye or be able to grind such bounties.

Where To Farm Scintillant?

You can only get Scintillant in the Cambion Drift, but these are not just left around in plain sight. You will either have to do the normal bounties to obtain such a resource or take on the Isolation Vault bounties for a chance at it as well.

Ways To Get Scintillant

1) Bounties

The most common and beginner friendly way to obtain Scintillant is by doing bounties that are given by Mother. She will usually have two bounties that are low level missions and have Scintillant in their drop tables. One mission will have Scintillant as a rare reward while the other has it as a common reward.

It is highly recommended to do the second mission since there is only a small difference, objectives are almost always the same and mainly because there is a higher chance to get Scintillant that way. The faster you can finish the bounties, the sooner you get a chance to receive Scintillant as a reward.

Joining a squad will make things easier and will prevent things from being too hard, especially if you are not ready to solo the bounties. Having Warframes that can clear enemies and withstand or avoid enemy attacks will make the bounties much easier.

2) Isolation Vault Runs

Isolation Vault bounties do not exactly have Scintillant in their drop table, but their different ways to obtain them when partaking in such a bounty. Defeating a Necramech (enemy ones that are guarding the vaults) may result in then dropping Scintillant.

There are three vaults you can do per session (meaning you will have to exit Cambion Drift and enter again to reset them) and each vault gets harder and has more Necramechs, providing a better chance to obtain Scintillant than doing solo runs.

You may also find Scintillant by chance floating around in the vaults. These will usually be moving or glowing and are not too hard to miss.

Final Thoughts

There is not much of a need to go on an all-out farming spree in order to get Scintillant. They may be rare but if you are capable of finishing the bounties quickly or taking on the Necramechs, then it should be a piece of cake. Plus, you will only need around 5 mostly and that’s about it until other items come in future updates.

Take note that some bounties will require time so it can get quite boring if you do this alone. Teaming up will make things easier. Resource count increasers such as Resource Boosters or having a Smeeta Kavat can save you time by doubling the Scintillant you pick up.


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