Warframe Pigment Farm 2024 Guide

Pigment is a resource that is collected in order to complete research on dyes that may be used within the interior of the Clan Dojo. Once enough Pigment has been collected, research will be completed and clans will then be able to change the interior using such dyes. Pigments have a slightly different farming routine from most of the resources you would farm in Warframe.

In order to proceed with Pigment farming, we have prepared a guide which will help you understand how to get Pigment and the steps you need to take before farming.

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How To Farm Pigment?

In order to farm Pigment, you must first select a dye which you want to research. To do this you will need to head to your clan Dojo and select a dye from the Tenno Lab. Once you select a dye, you will need to contribute the resources which are required.

Once you have started the research, you may head out and begin farming Pigment. For each dye there will be different Pigments which are dropped by specific enemies. Pigment can be farmed efficiently using farming Warframes and when done in squads.

Where To Farm Pigment?

Pigment doesn’t specifically drop on a certain planet but instead, it drops from certain enemies depending on what dye has been selected. In order to farm Pigment for a certain dye, you will need to target the specific enemy that will be shown. Some Pigments may take longer to farm due to the specific enemy that drops them.

Once you start the research for a certain dye, the console in the Tenno Lab will display what enemy you should kill in order to obtain Pigment from them.

Farming Pigment by Killing the Enemies

Since the Pigments will drop from enemies depending on which Pigment you have chosen to farm, you will need to target the enemies instead to acquire the Pigments.

Here is a list of the dyes as well as the enemies that drop their Pigment:

CyanTerra Raptor SX
Anti-VioletZanuka Hunter
Autumn BrownCorrupted Moa
Boiler RedPhorid
Charger BlueToxic Ancient
Conductor GoldTerra Embattor Moa
Coolant BlueTerra Overtaker
Crawler BlueCrawler
Devar GreyTusk Mortar Bombard
Dust BrownCorrupted Lancer
Elysium BlueThe Sergeant
Glacial BlueCrewman
Hesperia BrownTrooper
Jackal YellowSniper Crewman
Leaf RedStalker
Leech GreenCorrupted Crewman
Memoriam PurpleTerra Provisor
Moa GreenOrokin Drone
Morning yellowLeech Osprey
Mortus PinkTusk Flameblade
Mutalist RedTar-Mutalist Moa
Nanite BlueCharger
Neo PinkTerra Trencher
Night BlueCouncilor Vay Hek
Mutalist RedTar-Mutalist Moa
Oak BrownButcher
Oak BrownButcher
Olympus BlueLancer
Railgun BlueRailgun Moa
River BlueSeeker
Sand YellowScorpion
Shard BlackVomvalyst
Syrtis OrangeArid Eviscerator
Tharsis BrownBallista
Tower WhiteKuva Jester
Tree GreenArid Lancer
Wisp GreyDargyn Pilot

Some enemies spawn frequently while others may require more effort to obtain. It is important to know where the enemies will spawn in order to properly farm them. Using your Codex to find the location of certain enemies will make it easier for you to track the locations down. This can be done by heading to your orbiter opening “factions” under “universe” in the Codex menu.

If you have not scanned enemies, entries may not appear. It is suggested that you have a Helios with you for when you want to take easy scans of enemies while you do other missions in order to generate Codex entries for later on.

Most of the enemies in the list will be familiar to you as you progress through the game and since the interior design of a Clan Dojo is not something you focus on early on in the game, this can come later.

Final Thoughts

The main reason clans would begin research for a certain dye is to use it later on when changing the interior colors of their Dojo. These colors may be changed at any time and reused whenever needed since they will be permanently available after the research has been completed.

In order to farm Pigment for each dye, it is vital to know the location of the enemy that has been displayed in the Tenno Lab. Players who have had a habit of scanning enemies throughout the game or who have travelled with a Helios or Helios Prime may have more entries and will have an easier time.

Not all Pigment colors are easy to farm since some enemies are bosses while others are rare spawns or encounters. Knowledge of the enemies in the game may be important and experience can be a big help to figuring out where to farm the certain Pigments.


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