Warframe Nistlepod Farm 2024 Guide

Nistlepods are resources that come from plants known as Nistlebrushes. These are parts of the Nistlebrush that are used to trap and kill prey that get too close to them but have been added as a resource which may be used in crafting. Nistlepod farming is needed to provide the proper material needed for crafting Zaw parts.

The Plains of Eidolon is huge and we have made this guide to help you farm Nistlepod since it is not so easily found.

How To Farm Nistlepod?

You can destroy Nistlebrushes which will drop Nistlepods. Nistlebrushes may be found in the highest area of the Plains of Eidolon. It is best to go around the mountains and search for the Nistlebrushes around them.

You may exit the Plains of Eidolon and return in order to reset the instance, making Nistlebrushes available once more.

Where To Farm Nistlepods?

There are two mountains in the Plains of Eidolon which are Ostwan Range and Mount Nang. You can find these by checking your map and will have to each one. After farming on one mountain, head to the other and repeat.

Ways To Get Nistlepod


Nistlebrushes are scattered all around the mountains and you can find a large quantity of them by searching the area. It is a good idea to bring a fast Warframe and also equip mods that increase your loot detection such as Loot Detector, Thief’s Wit or Animal Instinct. Another way to look for the Nistlebrushes would be to use your Archwing and fly around.

In order to obtain the Nistlepods, you must first destroy the Nistlebrushes which may be done with a single attack.


Bounties may have Nistlepod in their drop table and there are multiple objectives where one will allow you to obtain this resource. The harder the level of the mission, the more you will get in Quantity but this also makes the mission harder. A good way to farm bounties is to play with a squad or to use a Warframe that can easily finish the mission.

Bounties do have Nistlepod in their reward pool but are not the most efficient way of farming them unless you can finish the bounties quickly.

Final Thoughts

Nistlepod farming is ideally faster if you resort to searching the two mountains for the Nistlebrushes since this takes only a small amount of time. You can simply use a fast Warframe or use your Archwing and fly (and blink often) until you reach one of the mountains. After completing a search on one mountain you can head back or head to the next one.

While bounties do reward you with a lot of resources and have Nistlepod in their reward tables, it is more efficient if you would stick with hunting Nistlebushes to avoid taking too much time. You can also bring a Smeeta Kavat with you and make use of its buff that doubles the amount of loot you gain.

Using a Resource Booster when farming Nistlepods in the Plains of Eidolon will double the amount that you receive when you pick them up and having a Smeeta Kavat buff activated will increase it further.


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