Thermal Sludge Farm 2024 Guide

Thermal Sludge was one of the newer resources to come out when Fortuna was introduced into the game and ever since it has been a requirement of some of the equipment that came along. It is mostly used to craft Gauss Systems and Hildryn Chassis. While this may be a very specific resource, it is not hard to find it.

In this guide we have made sure that you will have complete knowledge that will help you with Thermal Sludge Farming.

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How To Farm Thermal Sludge?

Farming Thermal Sludge is done by either looking around for storage containers which have a chance to drop the resource or by looking for Thermal Sludge Canisters which can usually be found near enemy outposts.

It is also possible to receive Thermal Sludge by doing bounties from Fortuna or in Orb Vallis as these have the resource in some of the drop tables.

Where To Farm Thermal Sludges?

Thermal Sludge can only be found in Orb Vallis as this is where the resource is actually created and its exact farming locations are more of where containers would be. Heading from one outpost to another would be your best bet when you attempt to farm Thermal Sludges.

Ways To Get Thermal Sludge

1) Thermal Sludge Cannisters

Thermal Sludge Cannisters

While roaming Orb Vallis, you will stumble across locations, especially outposts which will have different containers. One of these containers are Thermal Sludge Canisters. Destroying these will guarantee that a Thermal Sludge will be dropped. It is best to search outposts for Thermal Sludge Canisters, especially if there is an internal structure within it.

It is much easier to find Thermal Sludge Canisters if you have mods that increase the detection of items on the map such as Loot Radar or Animal Instinct.

2) Storage Containers

Storage Containers

Similar in a way when it comes to dropping Thermal Sludge. These random Storage Containers have a chance to drop random resources which includes Thermal Sludge. Some of these may contain a heap of resources or a single resource and perhaps even Credits. One of the items that is included in the Storage Container’s drop table is Thermal Sludge.

It is best to always destroy Storage Containers to make sure you get as many resources as you need and if you are lucky, you will get those certain resources you are searching around for.

3) Bounties


Some of the bounties (but not all) will allow you to receive Thermal Sludge as part of the rewards for each objective. The higher the mission, the more Thermal Sludge you can possibly obtain. While doing the bounties, you can also find Thermal Sludge in some of the containers depending on where the objectives take you.

Thermal Sludge comes in a bigger quantity during bounties and combining this with looting the area will allow you to obtain a lot of Thermal Sludge.

Final Thoughts

Since Thermal Sludge is not farmed like most resources, you will have to force yourself into Orb Vallis and search for the research there. If you attempt to go and do a free roam, you can search the outposts for containers that have a chance to give Thermal Sludge.

It’s important to check your map and move from one location to the other and avoid taking so much time fighting enemies.

Bounties are a good option for farming Thermal Sludge but may not always be the best option since you can easily roam around from one outpost to another looking for containers.

Having a resource booster active will double the amount and bringing a Smeeta Kavat with you can increase the amount you receive even further.


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