Warframe Repeller Systems 2024 Guide

Repeller Systems is a resource in Warframe that was introduced when Fortuna arrived. It is mainly used for crafting different Amp braces as well as the Exergis. This is also used for crafting the Gravimag enhancement that you will need later on. There are only a few ways to get this resource but initially you will need to grind in order to get it.

This guide has information that will make it easy for you when you are farming Repeller systems.

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How To Farm Repeller Systems?

Repeller Systems come from the reward table from doing Bounty Heists and have a chance to be obtained upon completion of a bounty. This resource may also be obtained by purchasing it from Little Duck for Vox Solaris standing when you are the rank of Hand or higher.

Where To Farm Repeller Systems?

Heist Bounties are currently the only way to farm Repeller Systems and may be acquired as a reward from any of the different ones provided by Eudico. These bounties may be initiated by heading to the back room near the entrance and talking to Eudico.

Ways To Get Repeller Systems

Heist Bounties

At first, the only way for you to obtain Repeller Systems will be by completing Heist Bounties. There are four that you may choose from but the second one is considered to be the easiest and therefore, the best to choose as you can finish this quickly. Regardless of being with a squad or soloing, you can finish bounties (mainly the second one) in less than 5 minutes.

The second Bounty Heist can be completed within 1-3 minutes or less and is the best choice to grind in order to farm Repeller Systems.

Purchase With Standing

You will be able to purchase Repeller Systems from Little Duck but this will only be an available option once you are ranked as Hand or higher. Repeller Systems may be purchased for 5,000 Vox Solaris standing.

Final Thoughts

The main use for Repeller Systems is for crafting the Gravimag enhancement, the Exergis and for the Certus, Plaga and Suo braces. Your best bet would be focus on doing Bounty Heists as this will be your only option until you reach a rank of Hand. Many players try to find a way to farm Repeller Systems but the real key is to grind Heist bounties.

You should be able to get the right systems for reaching a higher rank but afterwards you will be able to purchase the resource from Little Duck.


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