Warframe Sobek Build 2024 Guide

Sobek is the standard Grineer automatic shotgun that is often seen wielded by Grineer troopers, this weapon has a 20 round drum magazine with a somewhat slow fire rate, but has a low pellet count letting each projectile deal high amounts of damage for this type of ammunition.

When in the hands of a Warframe, the Sobek can be modified and improved with a couple of specific mods, namely Acid Shells and Shattered Justice, which provides different effects to the Sobek that is only available to the Tenno through purchase from syndicates.

How To Get The Sobek?

If you want to save on your Platinum for other things, the blueprint can be purchased in the market for just 25,000 Credits so that you can craft it on your own in your foundry.

The Sobek is available in the ingame market for Platinum which will be fully built and comes with its own weapon inventory slot. Darvo’s Shop in the relays may be selling the Sobek for a discounted price at certain times.

Sobek Crafting Requirements

  • 25,000 Credits
  • 5 x Neurodes
  • 500 x Circuits
  • 900 x Salvage
  • 400 x Polymer Bundle

Sobek Stats

The Sobek is a hard hitting automatic shotgun with a drum magazine. The projectile of the weapon is pellet based with a low count which is good when it comes to damage, making every pellet in the shot carry higher base damage.

Critical Chance11.0%
Critical Multiplier2.0x
Falloff20.0 -30.0
Fire Rate2.50

Sobek Builds

1) Corrosive/Blast

This build maximizes the damage output of the Sobek by taking full advantage of Blaze and Vicious Spread to maximize the damage potential of the weapon along with two 60/60 mods that bump up the status chance. This will ensure that the corrosive proc takes effect with each shot made with the Sobek.

The elemental combination of corrosive and blast are complementary to each other, so that even though blast deals lowered damage against most Grineer units, it can effectively blind them and the corrosive status effect will deal the killing blow, since the armor that Grineer units wear is susceptible to corrosive damage.

2) Acid Shells Build

One of the unique mods of the Sobek is Acid Shells, which can deal a large amount of corrosive damage by making enemies that the Sobek kills explode,corrosive damage in a small area. This is great for taking out huge groups of enemies.

This build focuses on killing your enemies quickly by using viral and heat damage to provide a significant amount of DPS to your shots. You may then watch as your targets explode and deal corrosive damage around them, weakening the armor of nearby enemies in the process.

3) Shattering Justice Build

The Sobek’s syndicate mod, Shattered Justice provides a huge boost in status chance making this weapon great for status build setups. This build inflicts loads of status effects upon your enemies, either weakening them or killing them outright along with the Justice effect that pulses corrosive damage.

Due to the changes in status chance,the Sobek is one of the few shotguns that can still get a really high status chance. With Shattering Justice and four 60/60 dual stat mods, your status chance can reach above 50% that causes every shot you fire to have the chance to inflict your enemies with status effects.

4) Accurate Shots

This build focuses on tightening your pellet spread with Tainted Shell, a corrupted mod for shotguns that reduces the spread of your shotgun blast, concentrating your damage. This makes your shots more accurate for dealing maximum damage at the weak spots of tougher enemies like the Nox’s helmets or shooting at the drones of Nullifiers.

This build is great for support players that want to get your enemies off your team mate if they get swarmed, also to be able to revive them quickly and get back to fighting. With Amalgam Shotgun Spazz, this mod serves as a counter for the negative fire rate of Tainted Shell and also as a unique support skill.

5) Full Set Build

This build uses both Shattering Justice and Acid Shells, and to melt your enemies armor with corrosive and heat that reduce armor, heat is a good addition to this combo since it provides some much needed DPS with the weapon due to the primary stat of the Sobek is Impact.

Riven Mods

Core Riven Stats

The Sobek Riven Mod is sort of basic standard things you would want specifically for the sobek would be multishot to increase pellet count.

With the current status change you would just rather want to get elemental damage with your Riven mod instead of a direct damage increase since there are a couple of mods that already provide an increase in damage.

Top Tier

These are the best possible combination of the Sobek Riven that is in order of importance.

  • Multishot
  • Elemental Damage
  • Damage
  • Harmless Negative

High Tier

This combination will provide the highest riven stats for the Sobek Riven.

  • Elemental Damage
  • Multishot
  • Harmless Negative

Acceptable Negative Stats

  • Negative Faction – The Sobek is quite powerful so that it can deal fair amounts of damage even with a negative faction but preferably Infested.
  • Negative Impact – This negative stat is subjective to preference since lowering the primary physical damage of the weapon may impact overall damage output but provide chances for other status effects to take effect.
  • Negative Recoil – This is ok since recoil does not affect most shotguns especially the Sobek that much.

Bad Negative Stats

  • Negative Fire Rate – fairly bad in this case due to the already slow fire rate of the Sobek.
  • Negative Reload – The Sobeks negative trait is reload speed making a Riven with this stat may deter most buyers.

Useless Positive Stats

  • Positive Impact – It will improve the damage of the Sobek, but Impact is considered by most players a bad status effect at the moment compared to other status effects.
  • Positive Fire Rate – Due to the Sobek’s slow fire rate, this will improve its DPS but will take a stat on the Riven that can be for a better stat.

Final Thoughts

The Sobek is a standard weapon in the hands of the enemy, but when in the hands of Warframes it turns into a devastating weapon that makes their enemies burst into organic bombs and spread corrosive damage everywhere.

One of the many easy to acquire weapons in the game, most of those who have crafted and used the Sobek often overlook its power and appeal. Often, to those few who have used this shotgun can attest that it is one of those weapons that is very easy to use and modify, that does its job well, which is killing those who stand in your way.


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