Warframe Atmo Systems Farm 2024 Guide

Atmo Systems is a resource that was introduced when Fortuna came to Warframe. It is used in crafting Amps scaffolds, the Galvacord and most importantly, the Gravimag enhancement. This can only be obtained on Venus by partaking in a Heist Bounty. Unlike most resources, the ways of obtaining Atmo Systems are limited.

In this guide, we explain how you can get Atmo Systems and everything you need to know to do it faster to save up time.

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How To Farm Atmo Systems?

Atmo Systems can be obtained as a reward from Heist Bounties and has a chance to be rewarded from all of their reward tables upon completion. It is also possible to purchase Atmo systems from Little Duck for 2,500 Vox Solaris Standing but you will have to have the rank of Hand or higher.

Where To Farm Atmo Systems?

Atmos Systems are currently only farmable by completing Heist Bounties which take place in Orb Vallis. Aside from that, they can only be bought from Little Duck who is in the back room near the entrance to Fortuna.

Ways To Get Atmo Systems

Heist Bounties

The only possible way to obtain Atmo Systems easily would be to do a Heist Bounty mission. Atmo Systems can drop as one of the rewards from the bounty but won’t always be guaranteed. In order to farm this, you will need to repeat the Heist Bounty until you get as many Atmo Systems that you need.

It is suggested that you do the second Heist Bounty as it is considered to be the easiest to finish and you may easily complete the objectives in less than 5 minutes.

Purchase With Standing

You will be able to purchase Atmo Systems from Little Duck but this is only available once you are at least the rank of Hand. Atmos Systems may be purchased for 2,500 Vox Solaris standing.

Final Thoughts

Atmo Systems are basically needed for crafting the Dissic, Exard and Propa scaffolds, the Galvacord and the Gravimag enhancement. It exists in the same reward table as the Repeller Systems and the Gyromag Systems which are farmable in the same way.

It is ideal to stick to the easiest Bounty Heist that you are most comfortable with doing but Phase 2 is advised by most. You can go with other players to do the bounties faster but some may be done easily even if you are soloing it.

You will not be able to purchase Atmos Systems from Little Duck right away and will have to obtain it through Bounty Heists first until you reach the rank of Hand.


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