Warframe Gallium Farm 2024 Guide

Gallium is one of the rarer types of components which are used in making several equipment such as Warframes, weapons and even Orokin Catalysts.

Although Gallium is a rare resource, it is farmable in several ways and is actually quite abundant in its specific planets. These drop in small amounts per enemy or container but can drop from multiple sources. Unlike most resources, Gallium drops are limited to only two planets within the star chart.

Among the two planets where Gallium farming may be done, we have chosen the best places to help you farm Gallium fast.

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How To Farm Gallium?

Gallium can be farmed in two planets but this can be more efficiently done when doing Dark Sectors or specific maps that make it easy to farm them. This component may be dropped by enemies as well as it can be found when destroying containers.

You can usually find Gallium in containers and resort to this as an early Gallium farming technique, while later on resorting to endless missions for a larger quantity along with additional resources.

Where To Farm Gallium?

Gallium can be farmed on Mars and Uranus as they are the only two planets that have this resource in their drop table. Mars is used by many players as an early Gallium farming location, since they can obtain it without killing enemies while others seek out Uranus for Gallium along with other resources.

Depending on which missions you can handle, you can select any of them within the two planets but you will eventually want to do your farming in Uranus for resources you need later on such as Polymer Bundle.

Gallium Farming Locations

Ara (Mars) – Capture

One of the easiest ways to farm Gallium is to head to Ara which is a capture mission on Mars and simply loot all the containers you can find. You can kill enemies along the way while looting and capturing the target. Once the target is captured, continue looting your way to the extraction area. A simple run like this is considered the best way to farm Gallium for beginners and veterans alike.

This mission can get you a lot of Gallium after a few runs and can be done within a few minutes. Using Loki to stay safe or Volt to proceed fast are some of the best choices for doing a Gallium run in Ara.

Ophelia (Uranus) – Survival

Ophelia is well known for being a place to farm Polymer Bundle but it also yields Gallium which makes this one of the best places to farm Gallium because you get a lot of other resources, including Tellurium which you will need later on.

Gallium can be found around the mission as well and will drop from enemies that you kill every now and then. You can stick with camping from the start of the mission or roaming around based on which Warframe you bring with you. A combination of Nekros and Hydroid can greatly increase the chance to get a heap of Gallium per run.

Assur (Uranus) – Dark Sector: Survival

For those that do not want to go against the Grineer, Assur is a good choice as it is also a Dark Sector survival which gives you a 25% increased drop rate, making it easier to get Gallium. The infested will have to get close to you, which makes it easy to camp but you can also resort to roaming around as the infested are quite easy to kill and you can last a long time during the mission.

Having several players in your squad will make things more efficient to increase the enemy spawn, increasing the potential amount of loot that you may obtain.

Final Thoughts

Ara is probably the best mission for anyone to do since you can finish it easily and the enemy levels are low enough to allow you to loot the map without trouble.

While others think that farming bosses is a good way to get Gallium, Ara makes top in our list due to its easiness and the high chance to get a lot of Gallium with a thorough run.

Missions such as Ophelia and Assure are good for those who want to farm additional resources and make good methods for Gallium farming.

Its best to do the survival missions with other players to increase the number of enemies, which increases the potential number of Gallium you can get in the mission while Ara can be done solo without a problem.


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