How to Get Vauban 2024 Guide

Vauban is a strategic tactician who makes use of his gadgets and genius minds to manipulate the battlefield to gain an advantage.

He makes use of several devices that can be deployed to damage, disable and kill enemies who get within range.

This Warframe dominates the field with his gadgets and powerful abilities, causing trouble to enemies who dare get close enough.

How to Get Vauban?

Vauban’s main blueprint can be purchased from the market and his components can be purchased from Nightwave Offerings.

The Vauban blueprint may be purchased from the market in the orbiter for 35,000 Credits.

A fully built Vauban may be purchased using 300 Platinum to skip the process of farming resources and building it.

Crafting Vauban

The following are the crafting requirements for Vauban.

Vauban Blueprint

  • Vauban Neuroptics x 1 
  • Vauban Chassis x 1
  • Vauban Systems x 1
  • Orokin Cell x 1
  • Credits x 25,000

Vauban Neuroptics

  • Alloy Plate x 150
  • Neural Sensors x 1
  • Polymer Bundle x 150
  • Rubedo x 500
  • Credits x 15,000

Vauban Chassis

  • Morphics x 1
  • Ferrite x 1,000
  • Rubedo x 300
  • Credits x 15,000

Vauban Systems

  • Control Module x 1
  • Morphics x 1
  • Salvage x 500
  • Plastids x 220
  • Credits x 15,000

Vauban Resources

The following is a list of resources needed to build Vauban, their locations as well as our guides on where to farm them.


Resource Locations


Alloy PlateVenus, Jupiter, Sedna, Ceres, Phobos, PlutoClick Here
Neural Sensors Europa, Jupiter, Kuva FortressClick Here
Polymer BundleMercury, Venus, UranusClick Here
RubedoPhobos, Earth, Pluto, Europa, Sedna, VoidClick Here
MorphicsMercury, Mars, Europa, PlutoClick Here
FerriteMercury, Earth, Neptune, VoidClick Here
Control ModuleNeptune, Europa, VoidClick Here
SalvageMars, Jupiter, SednaClick Here
PlastidsSaturn, Uranus, Phobos, Pluto, ErisClick Here

Purchase From Nightwave Credit OfferingsNightwave Credit Offerings

Vauban used to be harder to obtain but this was changed to purchasing his components from the Nightwave Credit Offerings.

To get Vauban, you will need to do Nightwave Challenges until you obtain Nightwave Credits, which you need 75 of to purchase all components.

Once you have purchased all of the components to build Vauban (including the main blueprint) you can build him at your foundry.

How to Get Vauban Prime?Vauban Prime

Vauban Prime can be obtained by unlocking its parts from the following Void Relics:

Vauban Prime Blueprint

  • Lith F2
  • Meso V6
  • Neo V2

Vauban Prime Neuroptics

  • Lith V7
  • Meso N2
  • Neo V3
  • Neo V5

Vauban Prime Chassis

  • Axi V1
  • Lith V4
  • Meso V4
  • Neo A4
  • Neo V6

Vauban Prime Systems

  • Lith V2
  • Lith V8
  • Neo N2


  • Check the Nightwave Challenges for which ones you can complete increasing your reward tiers to get Nightwave Credits (Nora’s Choice Credits)
  • Nora’s Choice Credits can usually be earned early through the Nightwave Seasons, making it easy to obtain Vauban.

Final Thoughts

Vauban has a great arsenal of gadgets that he can use to fight, this makes him a deadly force on his own, especially when it comes to guarding an area.

With a multitude of mines which include the Tether Coil, Flechette Orb, Vector Pad, and Overdriver mines, Vauban can manipulate a location to mess things up for enemies.

When it comes to heavy firepower, Vauban can call down a Photon Strike to damage enemies in an area, dealing insane numbers to them.

An excellent combination to go with all of his abilities, especially Photon Strike, the Bastille ability can be used to hold enemies in place and weaken them, perfect for setting up fights.


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