How to Get Inaros 2024 Guide

Inaros is an ancient Pharaoh who was entombed for eons, who has now returned to consume the life of his enemies as he ravages them with sand abilities.

Being one of the sturdiest Warframes around, Inaros is capable of tanking a lot of damage and can do his fair share of crowd control.

His ability to stun enemies and siphon the life of others improves his survivability and that of his allies greatly.

How to Get Inaros?

You may obtain the main blueprint of Inaros as well as it’s component blueprints by completing the Sands of Inaros quest, which can be bought from Baro Ki’Teer.

If you wish to skip the Sands of Inaros quest and get him right away, you may purchase Inaros fully built for 225 Platinum.

Crafting Inaros

The following are the crafting requirements for Inaros.

Inaros Blueprint

  • Inaros Neuroptics x 1 
  • Inaros Chassis x 1
  • Inaros Systems x 1
  • Orokin Cell x 1
  • Credits x 25,000

Inaros Neuroptics

  • Alloy Plate x 1,500
  • Polymer Bundle x 350
  • Plastids x 500
  • Nitain Extract x 2
  • Credits x 15,000

Inaros Chassis

  • Neurodes x 3
  • Nano Spores x 1,000
  • Plastids x 300
  • Oxium x 100
  • Credits x 15,000

Inaros Systems

  • Argon Crystal x 2
  • Polymer Bundle x 300
  • Nano Spores x 1,600
  • Circuits x 500
  • Credits x 15,000

Inaros Resources

The following is a list of resources needed to build Inaros, their locations as well as our guides on where to farm them.


Resource Locations


Alloy PlateVenus, Jupiter, Sedna, Ceres, Phobos, Pluto Check Here
Polymer BundleMercury, Venus, UranusCheck Here
Plastids Saturn, Uranus, Phobos, Pluto, ErisCheck Here
Nitain ExtractObtainable from multiple sourcesCheck Here
NeurodesEarth, Deimos, Eris, LuaCheck Here
Nano SporesDeimos, Eris, Neptune, SaturnCheck Here
OxiumEris, Europa, Jupiter, Lua, Mars, Neptune, Pluto, VenusCheck Here
Argon CrystalVoidCheck Here
CircuitsCeres, Kuva Fortress, VenusCheck Here

How to Complete Sands of Inaros Quest?

The Sands of Inaros quests is an optional quest that you may obtain by purchasing it from Baro Ki’Teer, who arrives at relays occasionally.

Starting this mission will set you on a path to unravel the truth of a hidden treasure said to be located under Mars, which you assist Baro Ki’Teer with.

During the quest, you will need to explore the Desert Tomb on Mars and afterward, fulfill vessel challenges to progress.

The challenges to complete are the following (with vessel equipped in your gear):

  • First Vessel – Kill 60 Detron Crewman/Seeker/Volatile Runner (depends on image)
  • Second Vessel – Kill 20 Railgun Moa/Hyekka Master/Brood Mother
  • Third Vessel – Kill 5 Denial Bursa/Manic/Juggernaut

You will only need to kill one type of enemy per Vessel, the image on the vessel will hint at which enemy you need to kill.

Completion of the Sands of Inaros quest guarantees that you will receive all Inaros components, including the main blueprint.

How to Get Inaros Prime?Sands of Inaros Quest

Inaros Prime can be obtained by unlocking its parts from the following Void Relics:

Inaros Prime Blueprint

  • Lith G4
  • Axi W1
  • Axi W2

Inaros Prime Neuroptics

  • Axi I2
  • Axi I1
  • Meso I1

Inaros Prime Chassis

  • Axi O5
  • Neo P3
  • Neo V10
  • Lith N6
  • Neo T3

Inaros Prime Systems

  • Axi A13
  • Neo T5
  • Axi T7
  • Lith M6
  • Neo N13


  • During the Sands of Inaros quest, there will be a lot of Kavats which you encounter and you can scan them for Kavat Genetic Code.
  • Be sure to check the image on each of the vessels to figure out which enemy you will need to defeat.

Final Thoughts

Inaros is one of the toughest Warframes out there, he can reach up to about 4k to 5k health depending on the mods he has equipped.

Desiccation makes it easy for Inaros to disable enemies (and steal their life) so that he and his team can deal with large groups easily.

Using Inaros’ Devour ability will cause him to trap an enemy and pull it towards him, allowing him to consume the enemy and turn it into a Sand Shadow to fight for him.

Inaros is capable of making his Sandstorm, which acts like a tornado, tossing enemies around and dealing damage to them.

Scarab Swarm goes well with Inaros’ high health, adding armor and also being a usable weapon to be discharged at enemies.


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