Warframe Diluted Thermia 2024 Guide

Diluted Thermia became farmable during the Operation: Buried Debts event and has remained to be a recurring event. This resource is used to initiate the fight with the Exploiter Orb boss at Deck 12 in Orb Vallis. However, this resource is not farmed like the other resources you would collect in Warframe.

We have prepared all the information you need to know regarding Diluted Thermia Farming which will make the process of collecting this resource faster and more efficient.

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How To Get Diluted Thermia?

To get Diluted Thermia, you will need to head to kill Coolant Raknoids which can be found near the Exploiter Orb. Once you approach the Exploiter Orb, the Coolant Raknoids will attack you. Upon killing a Coolant Raknoid, it will drop a Canister.

You will need to bring the Canister to a Thermia Fracture and use it to seal the fracture. In order to seal the Thermia Fracture, you will have to defend the Canister until the timer runs out. This will allow you to seal the fracture and will fill the Canister by 1/4 its capacity.

Once the Canister is filled, 1 Diluted Thermia will be added to the mission rewards which you may keep after leaving Orb Vallis. You can either use a single Canister to get 1/4 per Thermia Fracture or be in a squad of 4 where you all use your Canisters on one fracture to obtain 1 Diluted Thermia.

Where To Get Diluted Thermia?

Thermia Fractures only occur in Orb Vallis and are a recurring event. The Exploiter Orb along with the Coolant Raknoids may be found near the Temple Of Profit. Thermia Fractures can be located all over Orb Vallis.

It is advisable to use an Archwing when you are farming Diluted Thermia so that you can easily find the fractures in the area.

Thermia Farming Walkthrough

Head To Temple Of Profit

You will want to start by heading into Orb Vallis from your Orbiter or from Fortuna. Once in Orb Vallis, head to the Temple of Profit and search for the Exploiter Orb. You will be able to hear the Exploiter Orb when it is nearby.

Keep in mind that the Exploiter Orb will not always be in the same spot and you will have to fly around in order to find it.

Obtain Canister

Coolant Raknoids will be near the Exploiter Orb and you will need to kill one to get a Canister from it. You do not need to interact with the Exploiter Orb and can simply lure the Coolant Raknoid away by attacking it.

You may only carry one Coolant at a time but if you are in a squad, each one of you may pick up a Canister which can make farming Diluted Thermia faster.

Find Thermia Fracture

After you have obtained a Canister, begin searching for a Thermia Fracture. This can be spotted from far away and resembles an eruption from the ground. Once you have located the Thermia Fracture, you may place the Canister to begin the process.

If a whole squad puts down their Canisters in a single Thermia Fracture, you can easily get 1 Diluted Thermia after the process is complete. One person farms Diluted Thermia since they need to go to 4 fractures while a whole squad working together can easily get 1 Diluted Thermia per fracture.

Seal Thermia Fracture

Once a Canister is placed, you will need to defend it until it’s timer is up. Enemies will begin to spawn in the area and will attempt to kill you and destroy the Canister. Be sure not to leave the Canister as this may lead to its destruction.

It would be a good idea to bring Warframes that can use abilities that can defend a location such as Frost or Gara. You simply need to defend the Canister for the duration of the time and in return you will have filled a portion of the Canister if solo or you will be rewarded with Diluted Thermia if a whole squad uses theirs.

If you are farming this resource by yourself, you will need to seal 4 Thermia Fractures for 1 Diluted Thermia. This makes farming Diluted Thermia in a squad much more efficient and less troublesome.

Final Thoughts

Diluted Thermia is obtained for the purpose of combating the Expoiter Orb in Deck 12. This can be obtained by players who have access to Orb Vallis. It is much faster to farm Diluted Thermia in a squad of 4 and a lot of time can be saved by doing so.

The first time you begin to seal Thermia Fractures, you are eligible for obtaining rewards such as emblems, mods and the Opticor Vandal.


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