How To Get Archon Shards in Warframe

Archon Shards were introduced when the Veilbreaker Update came out and surprised players with the feature of altering a Warframe’s stats.

With the addition of these items, players can now modify their Warframe to increase a specific stat of their choosing based on offense, defense, or utility.

The best part is that Archon Shards are not so difficult to obtain and can, later on, be utilized to make the perfect build for your Warframes.

What are Archon Shards?

Archon Shards can be equipped into a Warframe to provide it with different stats, which further improve them in different ways.

You can equip these to add a fixed value to one of your Warframe stats based on which Archon shard you have.

While there are regular Archon Shards, you have a chance to get Tauforged Archon Shards which provide an even greater bonus to stats.

Archon Shards Stats

Azure Archon Shard Stats

  • 150 Health
  • 150 Shield Capacity
  • 50 Energy Max
  • 150 Armor
  • 5 Health/s Regeneration

Tauforged Azure Archon Shard Stats

  • 225 Health
  • 225 Shield Capacity
  • 75 Energy Max
  • 225 Armor
  • 7.5 Health/s Regeneration

Crimson Archon Shard Stats

  • 25% Melee Critical Damage
  • 25% Primary Status Chance
  • 25% Secondary Critical Chance
  • 10% Ability Strength
  • 10% Ability Duration

Tauforged Crimson Archon Shard Stats

  • 37.5% Melee Critical Damage
  • 37.5% Primary Status Chance
  • 37.5% Secondary Critical Chance
  • 15% Ability Strength
  • 15% Ability Duration

Amber Archon Shard Stats

  • 30% Maximum energy is filled on Spawn
  • 100% Effectiveness on Health Orbs
  • 50% Effectiveness on Energy Orbs
  • 25% Casting Speed
  • 15% Parkour Velocity

Tauforged Amber Archon Shard Stats

  • 45% Maximum energy is filled on Spawn
  • 150% Effectiveness on Health Orbs
  • 75% Effectiveness on Energy Orbs
  • 37.5% Casting Speed
  • 22.5% Parkour Velocity

How To Get Archon Shards?

Archon Shards can be obtained by the Weekly Archon Hunts that Kahl helps you locate, providing you with a chance to get one each week.

These are like Sorties in a way as you need to complete 3 missions, including facing an Archon on the third mission.

The Archon Shard that you will obtain will be shown in the rewards section, allowing you to see which variant you will get.

You can start an Archon Hunt by selecting it from the Star Chart.

How to Get Tauforged Archon Shards?

While it is guaranteed that you will get whichever Archon Shard is shown in the rewards section when you start an Archon Hunt, there is a chance this may change. Instead of receiving a regular Archon Shard, there is a chance that you will receive a Tauforged Archon Shard.

Archon Shards may also be purchased from Chipper, who will be at Kahl’s Garrison selling them for their currency known as Stock.

The Tauforged Shards provide you with a bigger stat bonus when you equip them on your Warframe.

How To Equip Archon Shards?

Archon Shards may be equipped into a Warframe (uses the Archon Shard) and may also be removed as well if you want to slot them into another one.

To use the Archon Shard, you will need to equip it by going to the Helminth and selecting the Archon Shards menu.

Before you can access the Archon Shards menu, you will first need to install the Helminth Archon Shard Segment, which is obtained during the Veilbreaker Quest.

For more information about equipping Archon Shards, check out our guide on How to Use Archon Shards.


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