Warframe Prison Break Mission

The Prison Break Narmer Mission has Kahl return to the prison Murex once more as it is now back and functioning once more.

Just like he did during the Veilbreaker quest, Kahl will need to infiltrate the Murex and free his brothers from captivity.

Although Kahl may have already gained experience in the past from his previous run-in with the Murex, things may still be challenging for him.

How To Get Prison Break Mission?

The Prison Break mission is a Break Narmer Mission that becomes available during a certain week based on the weekly rotations.

Prison Break will be available for the whole week until the next rotation is set in and afterward, a different mission will be available.

Prison Break Mission Objectives

1) Find Brothers

Once you arrive on the Murex, you will need to keep moving forward until you reach an intersection, which will cause a waypoint to appear.

You will need to follow the waypoint to the first location where one of the brothers will be held in captivity.

Approach the prisoner and interact with him to begin the Field Dissipation process, which requires you to stay nearby and fight off enemies.

Once the process is half complete, you will need to move to another spot marked by a ring and stay within it to continue the Field Dissipation process.

When the Field Dissipation process is finished, approach and interact with the brother and he will be freed, joining you along the mission.

2) Find Brother Blow Up Debris (Command Mode)

After freeing your brother, you will need to command them to blow up the debris blocking a door to the next area.

The button for command mode will be visible on your screen and you simply need to press it to enter the mode and use the primary attack button to point where they interact.

3) Find More Brothers

Now that the way has been cleared, you will need to continue to the next area where there will be two more brothers held in captivity.

Repeat the Field Dissipation process for each of them and free them but during the process, there may be times when two fields need to have you present at the same time.

To accomplish this, simply command one of the brothers to stay at one spot while you make your way to the other one.

Once the Field Dissipation process is complete, simply free the brother and head on to the next until both are released from captivity.

4) Get to Node Thing

A nearby dropship will be available to take you to the other brothers and this will be held in place by a node that is preventing it from leaving.

5) Expose Node Thing

The node will be protected by 3 Sentient Immunodes which need to be destroyed and you will need to use command mode to have your brother destroy them.

6) Shoot Node Thing

Once all 3 immunodes have been destroyed, you can continue with destroying the Node Thing by shooting at it.

7) Get in Dropship

After destroying the Node Thing, you will need to make your way to the dropship to get to the next area to find more brothers.

Continue fighting your way to the next checkpoint and interact with the dropship to get on board, which will have you mounted on the back using a Grattler.

8) Shoot Big Gun

As the dropship makes its way to the next area, you will need to fire at the pursuing enemies until you reach a certain point.

The hull integrity of the dropship will be dropping and later on, you will crash land, which is where you will find yourself in the area near more brothers.

9) Find Brothers

You will be able to pick up the Grattler and use it further as you progress through the mission, which requires your head to the next waypoint.

Continue making your way to the waypoint and you will find yourself in an area where there will be 2 more captive brothers.

10) Free Brothers

This area will have 2 brothers which you will need to rescue, requiring you to repeat the Field Dissipation process for both.

Once the rest of the brothers have been freed, you and all of the other brothers may proceed in heading to the extraction point.

11) Get to Hangar

Fight your way through the enemies in the area and continue making your way towards the extraction point and you will encounter one of Kahl’s brothers who are in pain.

12) End Brother’s Misery

This brother will be the Wolf of Saturn Six and you will need to defeat them to end their pain before escaping the Murex.

It is important that during the fight you dodge its attacks to avoid getting killed and with the help of your brothers, you should be able to defeat him.

13) Get In

After ending the brother’s misery by defeating him, you will need to make your way to the Railjack which will extract you and your brothers from the area, completing the mission.

Prison Break Narmer Mission Rewards

Depending on how many objectives you have completed as you have done the mission, you will be rewarded with the following amount of Stock:

  • Deathless – Complete the mission without dying and without being veiled (30 Stock)
  • Break Narmer Veils – Remove 5 Veils using Veil Breaker (15 Stock)
  • Lost Floof – Find Kahl’s Missing Floof (15 Stock)
  • Blow Up Node Things – Destroy 5 Sentient Immunodes with Command Mode (15 Stock)
  • Genestamp Collection – Collect 5 Genestamps (15 Stock)
  • Unlock Cache with Passwords – Find 4 Passwords and unlock the cache (15 Stock)

If you do not complete some objectives, you can redo the mission to complete the ones you have missed or those you failed to do.


  • Be sure to stay within the Field Dissipation area to make sure the process continues or else it will be halted.
  • Keep close to your brothers and utilizes them in battles to avoid soloing all the damage from enemies.
  • It is possible to obtain more brothers in the mission by removing their Veils with the Veilbreaker ability.


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