Warframe Locate the Foundry Segment Mission Walkthrough

You have previously rescued an arms dealer named Darvo from a Grineer Gulag and he has provided you with a blueprint to remove the Ascaris attached to your Warframe.

However, you are unable to build anything now as the Foundry Segment for your Orbiter is missing and you will need to find a new one.

During this mission, you will need to steal a foundry Segment from the Grineer so that you can activate the Foundry in your Orbiter.

How To Get Locate the Foundry Segment Mission?

The Locate the Foundry Segment mission is obtained right after you have completed the Liberate the Imprisoned Arms Dealer mission. This mission is the third mission that you will partake in as you are completing the Vor’s Prize quest.

Locate the Foundry Segment Mission Walkthrough

1) Locate the Foundry Segment

The colony that exists in the area will be unresponsive and the area is now controlled by the Grineer, which means you need to steal the Foundry Segment from them.

You will need to begin by making your way toward the waypoint, which is marking the location of the Foundry Segment.

The area will not have that many Grineer enemies, and you can easily get past them with little to no effort.

As you approach the area, alarms will go off and there will be a bunch of Grineer waiting behind a door and you will have to fight your way through them.

Once you have dealt with the Grineer in the area, continue making your way to the waypoint and you will need to locate it.

When you arrive at the waypoint, the Foundry Segment will be on top of a container, and you can simply pick it up.

2) Eliminate All Targets

While you are taking the Foundry Segment, The Lotus will be cut off by the Ascaris and your communications will start to malfunction.

The Lotus will still be able to contact you and demand that you provide justice for the colonists, which requires you to defeat Grineer enemies.

You will have to defeat 30 enemies in the area before you can proceed with making your way to the extraction point.

Your map will show you the location of nearby Grineer enemies if you have cleared them out in a certain area.

3) Get To Extraction

After clearing out all the enemies, make your way to the extraction point and once you leave the area, the mission will be complete.

Locate the Foundry Segment Rewards

You will have obtained the Foundry Segment for your Orbiter after completing this mission, allowing you to install it and activate your Foundry.

The following items may also be obtained as rewards from the mission:

  • Flawed Bane of Corpus
  • Flawed Bane of Grineer
  • Flawed Convulsion
  • Flawed Heated Charge
  • Fury


You have successfully obtained the Foundry Segment right from under the Grineer’s noses but there still lies one problem.

Although your Foundry is now working, it appears that it has been looted of components, which means you don’t have the resources for making the Ascaris Negator.

This results in the need for you to later obtain the resources from a different source as time is already running out.


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