Warframe Junk Run Mission (Break Narmer)

Kahl has found out that Chipper needs more Thumper parts, and he wishes to keep him happy by obtaining those parts.

One of the old Grineer bases on earth has been found and should have plenty, which is where Kahl needs to head next.

During this mission, you will need to find and take the Thumper parts to bring them back to Chipper at the encampment.

How To Get Junk Run Mission?

The Junk Run mission is a Break Narmer Mission that becomes available during a certain week based on the weekly rotations.

Junk Run will be available for the whole week until the next rotation is set in and afterward, a different mission will be available.

Junk Run Mission Objectives

1) Salvage Locomotor Core

Starting at the entrance of a Narmer-controlled zone, you will need to head towards the waypoint but use a camera terminal to get through.

Interact with the camera terminal and you will be able to view from the camera’s point of view, allowing you to disable the barrier.

Once the barrier is down, continue making your way towards the waypoint and you will see a Narmer Deacon patrolling the area.

To the left will be a terminal that you can use to control another nearby camera, which you can use to trap the Narmer Deacon.

If you check the room to the right when viewing from the camera, there will be a drone that you can activate which will lure the Narmer Deacon.

Once the Narmer Deacon is inside the room, interact with the barrier control in the center and it will unlock the other room while locking the Narmer Deacon inside the other.

Continue making your way towards the waypoint and you will enter another area with another Narmer Deacon that you can destroy.

There will be a Shock Mine nearby the Narmer Deacon and a drone at the end, which you can use to lure and destroy it.

Once you activate the drone, the Narmer Deacon will investigate it and once it is near the Shock Mine, interact with it through the camera to cause an explosion.

When the coast is clear, continue making your way towards the waypoint and interact with the camera terminals to open up the barrier ahead.

Once the barrier is down, head towards the waypoint and you will start to encounter Sentient enemies that you must fight your way through.

You will also encounter Veiled Brothers which you can free using the Veilbreaker ability, which will add them to your current squad.

Continue making your way towards the waypoint and fight through the Sentient enemies in the area but don’t forget to free your brothers along the way to add them to your team.

2) Take Big Gun

As you approach the waypoint, there will be a Kuva Ayanga which you will need to pick up so you can use it against the Worm Thumper later.

Once you have obtained the big gun, fight your way through the Sentient enemies in the area and continue making your way to the waypoint.

3) Smash OpenWorm Thumper

You will eventually reach a Worm Thumper that has been shut down and will need to shoot at it, which will cause it to activate.

The Worm Thumper will escape the area and you will need to chase after it, fighting your way through even more enemies along the way.

As you reach the waypoint, the Worm Thumper will be in the area, and you will need to defeat it to obtain its locomotor.

The Worm Thumper, which is now called the Narmer Thumper will start to fight back and you will need to shoot at its leg armor (which is glowing green) to damage it.

Once a green-glowing part has turned red, you will need to target the other green-glowing leg parts to continue dealing damage to it.

There will be ramparts in the area which can be used to shoot at enemies as well as the Narmer Thumper and you can even command your brothers to use them.

Once you have destroyed the Narmer Thumper, you will be able to extract from the area and the mission will be complete.

Junk Run Break Narmer Mission Rewards

Depending on how many objectives you have completed as you have done the mission, you will be rewarded with the following amount of Stock:

  • Deathless – Complete the mission without dying and without being veiled (30 Stock)
  • Genestamp Collection – Collect 5 Genestamps (15 Stock)
  • Rescue Ostrons – Rescue 5 Captured Ostrons (15 Stock)
  • Break Narmer Veils – Remove 5 Veils using Veil Breaker (15 Stock)
  • Kahl Kill Quick – Get 5 kills within 3 seconds (15 Stock)
  • Scavenge Damaged Thumper – Find extra Thumper Parts for Chipper (15 Stock)

If you do not complete some objectives, you can redo the mission to complete the ones you have missed or those you failed to do.


  • You do not need to interact with most of the areas where there are Narmer Deacons and may simply sneak past them.
  • It is ideal to free as many brothers as possible with the Veilbreaker ability to have more with you when you fight the Narmer Thumper.
  • You can position some of your brothers on the Ramparts to easily take out other enemies and help deal with the Narmer Thumper.

SummaryWarframe Junk Run Mission Complete

Now that you have obtained more parts for Chipper, he will be happier, and this will also help improve the encampment.

It appears that not only have the Narmer been seizing brothers, but they have also been taking control of machines such as Thumpers.

In the future, Chipper may require you to go on more Junk Run missions due to the need for supplies in the encampment.


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