How to Unlock The Steel Path in Warframe (2024)

For those who have already gotten quite far in Warframe, there is another challenge that awaits, and this is known as the Steel Path.

The Steel Path is pretty much Warframe in Hard Mode, boosting enemy levels, health, shields, and armor to make things more difficult.

This challenge does not come without its perks though as there are rewards for those who triumph in the Steel Path.

The Steel Path Requirements

To unlock the Steel Path, certain requirements must be met and once you have done all of these, Teshin will invite you.

To put it simply, you will need to unlock all of the nodes that are on the Star Chart but this does not include the Mutalist Alad V and Jordas Golem assassination missions on Eris.

Certain quests will need to be done if you are to complete nodes such as the Chimera Prologue for the Ropalolyst and the Heart of Deimos to unlock their nodes.

How To Activate The Steel Path in Warframe?

Once you have met all the requirements for The Steel Path, you can activate it by going to your Star Chart and selecting it. 

This will alter the Star Chart with harder nodes which will be locked, requiring you to unlock those nodes to progress to the other ones.

At any time, you can change back to the normal Star Chart via the same process if you want to return to the regular difficulty in the game.

Warframe Steel Path Rewards

Changing your Star Chart to The Steel Path will provide you with a 100% increase in resource drop chance and mod drop chance.

Completing mission nodes as well as the Junctions will provide you with Mastery Points, which will further level up your Mastery Rank.

Eximus enemies will have a higher chance of dropping Riven silvers during any mission, making it easier to farm up for Riven mods

How to Get Steel Essence?

Steel Essence can be obtained by doing certain activities in The Steel Path, these may be used to purchase various items from Tenshin, who can be found at any relay.

Every day, there will be five Steel Path incursions that will reward you with 5 Steel Essence upon completion.

You will receive 25 Steel Essence after completing all the nodes on a planet, which provides you with a total of 475 for completing all nodes on the Star Chart in The Steel Path.

Void Fissures can be done to obtain Steel Essence as well, providing you with 1 Steel Essence per Void Relic unlocked.

Eidolon Hunts in The Steel Path have become more challenging, but these provide you with Steel Essence per Teralyst, Gantulyst, and Hydrolyst.

Encounters with Acolytes can reward you with Steel Essence, guaranteeing 2 Steel Essence for every Acolyte you defeat.


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