Microsoft Flight Simulator: How to Fix TrackIR

Super quick guide to troubleshoot a potential issue with TrackIR head tracking in MSF

Troubleshooting TrackIR

If your a regular flight simmer, chances are you have some sort of head tracking software. Most people have TrackIR 5

When you first boot up Microsoft Flight, you may experience an issue where TrackIR doesn’t initially recognize Microsoft Flight as a title and head tracking will not work in game.

1. Make sure you start the TrackIR client BEFORE starting MSF

2. If it’s still not working, close MSF, and in the top right corner of the TrackIR client click the red update button. This update adds support for MSF.

3. Restart TrackIR, then MSF.

4. Head tracking should work!

Written by: Schnitzel

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