Microsoft Flight Simulator: How to Download MSFS Faster

This guide demonstrates how to install MSFS as well as other games faster – use this method for slower hardware and networks.


In theory, this should work for people with lower-end PCs and slower networks – please note you will not notice a difference if you’re running a medium to high-end setup. For this method to work successfully, it depends upon numerous factors such as current network speed, Microsoft Servers, Steam Client Download Servers, Ping, and your general set-up so it’s very temperamental…


1) Open Task Manager and click ‘More Details’
2) Find the running instance of the MSFS Installer exe
3) Right-Click on the installer exe and click ‘go to details’
4) Right-Click again on the same instance and then set priority either to High or Realtime (Realtime is the most unstable but if you have newer hardware it should cope and allow the sim to download even faster than on the High setting).

Now you’re done and should notice a slight performance increase – keep in mind this game is huge so this should help it install quicker (in theory) over long periods of time – even if you can’t notice an immediate difference.

Written by: viva

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