OpenTTD: Train Station Configurations

In this post you will know how to configure train station in the game OpenTTD

Just simple train station builds to make your life easier 🙂

Uses only 2 types of signals: Paths signal and block signal

Ro-Ro stations can handle high amounts of traffic. I tend to run 40+ trains on my railways and have no issues with stations.

Terminus stations can’t handle that much and I only use them for a couple of trains.

*Ro-Ro stands for roll-on roll-off, meaning trains come in one way and exit the other.

Straight Ro-Ro station

Curved Ro-Ro station

2-lane terminus station

4-lane terminus station

They can be extended lane wise until game limits by extending the middle cross further away from the station.

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Written by: HjarraKass

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