My Singing Monsters: Ways of Obtaining Diamonds

I’m here to show you all the possible ways of obtaining diamonds in MSM (My Singing Monsters).

This Guide is to help Beginners and Veterans in their new journey of singing monsters behind the computer screen.

1. The Uses of Diamonds

Before we dive into HOW we obtain diamonds we should first understand what they are used for. Diamonds in My Singing Monsters are an extremely helpful rare form of currency used to bypass all of the grindings to progress in the game. These include:
  • Purchasing Hybrid, Rare, and Unusual Monsters (Not including dipsters or Fire Monsters)
  • Speeding-Up time-dependent process in the game like the breeding structure and the nursery
  • Waking up dormant Supernatural Monsters like the Wubbox and Wublins
  • Purchasing Coins and Relics
  • Upgrading the Castle to Extravagant, Paradise, or Crystalline
  • Purchasing extra wheel spins, memory games, and nursery scratch
  • Upgrading the Hotel, Storage Structure, Breeding Structure, and Nursery
  • Lighting Wishing Torches
  • Biggifying Monsters
  • Purchasing Mirror Islands and Island Skins
  • Buying Trees and Rocks as decorations
  • Purchasing an additional Breeding Structure and a Nursery

Just because you can spend diamonds on these things doesn’t mean you should.

Below is an excellent video from NathanGames YT that makes MSM content and the video shows you how you should spend your diamonds wisely to get the most use out of them.

There is more on how to get the most diamonds but is not included because it’s outside the scope of the guide.

2. Getting Diamonds from Mines

The Mini Mine

  • The mini-mine is available on every island except tribal, composer, and gold islands.
  • The mini-mine is available at LVL 8.
  • The mini-mine are structures purchased from the market.
  • The mini-minecosting 500,000 coins or 500 shards and selling for 375,000 coins.
  • The mini-mine makes 1 diamond a day.

The Maximum Mine

  • The maximum mine is available on the plant island and plant island mirror.
  • The maximum mine is the first premium structure. (Meaning you have to make an in-app purchase to get it).
  • The maximum mine is a structure purchased from the market costing 40 diamonds and selling for 375,000 coins.
  • The maximum mine makes 4 diamonds a day (The best source for consistent diamonds)
If you are interested in purchasing the maximum mine the cheapest in app purchase are the deals and buy coins, food, and diamonds for $5.00 USD (taxes not included)in the market.

3. Getting Diamonds Through Goals

Normal Goals

Normal goals are tasks that can be completed to earn extra rewards while you play the game. Most rewards only give out Experience, Coins, and food However, there are goals that are difficult to complete but earn you small amounts of diamonds. But because you earn low amounts of diamonds and the fact that most of these goals would take forever or cost you diamonds in the first place makes this a bad way of earning diamonds.

The amount you could earn is from 1-50 diamonds.

Tribal Goals

Tribal goals are task earned through leveling up your tribe on the tribal island. Once again these goals are hard to earn and you should earn them as you play the game and not to focus on earning them. Unlike the normal goals where you earn them and you are done the tribal goals refresh so you can consistently earn them. However this is still not a great way of earning lots of diamonds unless you are on a good island.

The amount you could earn is 1-5 (Getting to tribal level 1500 will earn you 20)

Don’t focus your efforts on trying to complete these goals. They will leave you more annoyed that you can’t get them. Instead ignore them so when the rare chance you complete it comes it is a nice reward.

4. Getting Diamonds Through Monster Bonuses

Once your monster on an island (excluding Wublin because that is another topic) reaches LVL 16 they will have a chance of earning diamonds and other helpful rewards. However getting a monster to LVL 16 will take time and is quite expensive, You should time to time feed your monsters for progression so these are one of the few you should try to go for but mainly focus on all the monsters and more important progression.
The amount of diamonds earned if you get it is 1.
Chances of earning

Information Supplied is data collected over a while and the true numbers are unknown.

5. Getting Diamonds for Being Top Ten

Top Ten Islands is a collection of the ten islands that have progressed over the week. On phone getting this would be really difficult, however, because MSM is new to steam this may be a great way for early diamonds. This is a method of earning diamonds that is one of the most difficult and you really cannot focus on getting it unless you spend the money to do so. Your best bet would be to just progress normally through the game and see if you make it the week.

The amount you earn is 100 diamonds a week.

6. Getting Diamonds Through Friends

When a new player starts my singing monsters for the first time and reach LVL 5 they will be prompted with a window asking if a friend showed them this game. If they enter you friend code you will earn diamonds for each friend who uses your code. Unless you have lots of friends this is not a great way to get diamonds.

The amount of diamonds earned for each code is 5 diamonds.

7. Getting Diamonds Through Achievements

Unfortunately, this is not Available for Steam at the moment. I would say expect it in the near future.

8. Getting Diamonds Through Daily Games

In My Singing Monster there are two games from which you could earn diamonds memory and spin. These are one of the better methods of getting diamonds. First they are free for everyone and can played once a day and more if you are willing to spend the diamonds.

Memory Game

The memory game is a puzzle were you must match pieces in given amount of moves. In my opinion this is very boring and low reward. But this is still a decent way of earning diamonds.

The amount earned from Memory is 2 if lucky when choosing rewards.

Wheel Spin

The spin is a random chance wheel were you could earn multiple rewards including diamonds. This is one of the best methods of earning diamonds because of how much you can earn. When I played on phone I got the jackpot and helped my get a Ghazt (My Favorite Monster).

The amount earned from Wheel spins can range from 2-1000 with a spin chance of earning diamonds to be 8.28%

9. Getting Diamonds Through Cash Offers

Once Again another old MSM diamond method that is not available on steam. Yet (I personally don’t like this method because it a way to gather information and sometimes these offers don’t work. Also you earn small amounts of diamonds for free ones and you have to pay for a Best Buy card to get any good amount of diamonds if it works. Even if this does get added i am opposed to. However it helps the team behind MSM get paid)

10. Getting Diamonds Through Logging In

Another very easy form of getting diamonds and other rewards just by logging in. This is one of the better methods of getting diamonds because it’s guaranteed to earn diamonds.

The amount earned for 3 day is 3 diamonds and for 10 is 25

11. Getting Diamonds Through Inbox

One of the weirdest ways of earning diamonds is through the inbox. I didn’t know about this until today. This is an OK way of earning diamonds because it’s free but it’s in small amount, it is not consistent, and you may not always get diamonds. Sometimes it can be a key or nothing

The amount of diamonds earned through each mail is 1.

12. Getting Diamonds From Shard Exchange

Shard Exchange is a very inefficient method of diamond earning. In order to get the most out of how much you earn you first must have a good etheral island which of course takes time. And even if you get the most optimized setup it’s still inefficient.

The amount of diamonds per 30,000 Shards is 1.

13. Getting Diamonds Through Wublins and Celestial


Wublins are weird monsters that are earned through putting multiple monster together or by diamonds. Wublin method is an amazing way for earning diamonds in the mid to late game. Wublins do cost a bit to make and similar to the wubbox takes lots of time to put together.

The amount earned from a 7% chance is 2.


Celestials are also weird monsters that that are purchased through diamonds. Celestial method is more end game because of how much diamonds it costs and how much time it takes. Celestials is a better method to earning diamonds but still not the best.

The amount earned from a 7% chances is 2.

Thank you for reading this guide on how to earn diamonds in MSM.

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Written by: Simplex


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