My Singing Monsters: Currency Guides

This is a guide for currencies in the game my singing monsters.

We will be talking about coins, gems, keys, shards, relics, medals, etc.

General Tips

  • Free Gem/Coin/Shard/Taxes websites never work. Do not trust them.
  • The currency exchanges in the currency shop (Gems to coins, Coins to gems, etc) are really bad deals.
  • When buying special monsters (Werdos or Dipsters), try to wait for a sale. Hole in one promotions mean dipsters are only one key on all islands. Werdos also have half-off sales every once in a while.
  • Wubboxes also have sales sometimes.


Ah, coins. The most common currency in the monster world, crucial to gameplay.

Coins are obtained from monsters on all islands where breeding is a thing, with the exception of ethereal island. They can be used to buy single-element monster eggs, decorations, and many structures.


Monsters with more elements produce more coins, and special monsters produce plenty.

If you REALLY need coins, you can sell monsters, but don’t sell rares or epics, as their price is barely any different than their common cousins.
If you sell a monster and want it back, go to the end of the monster store, there will be a buyback button.


Treats are delicious food items used to level up your monsters. Fun fact: Treats are the worst thing to feed to monsters on tribal island, even though they are the only actual food item there. Makes sense, right?


Treats are obtained from bakeries, spin wheels, daily rewards, & wublins. Bakeries are the only non-free way to get them, but also the most efficient.


Diamonds, the magical time-travel rocks. Used for anything from speeding up cooking to awakening statues as old as time. You can buy monsters above one-element monsters with these, speed up times on structures, or filling in wublin statues if you dont have the time or the eggs.


Diamonds can be obtained from Mines, spin wheels, and sometimes wublins.


Shards are a late-game item recieved only on ethereal island, and can be spent like coins on there, since there are no coins there. They can also be used to feed monsters on tribal island, and are the best way to do so.


Shards are received when collecting them from monsters on ethereal island. For some reason, 2 single-elemental ethereals make more shards than 1 double elemental. Wublins sometimes produce shards. Objects sold on ethereal island also give you shards.


Starpower is a magical resource used to buy decorations, and sometimes rare monsters, from the starshop.


Starpower is obtained from tribal island each week, and you get more the more you feed your tribal monster. There is no other way to get it.


Keys are a currency used to summon the most powerful, deadly entities in the whole universe. Just kidding, they summon dipsters.


Keys can be given and recieved to and from friends. Just click the key icon in the currency section to start giving them. It costs nothing to give them, so you should do that. You can also recieve keys in the spin wheel and the daily reward.


Relics are only used to buy werdos, monsters that don’t sing gibberish, and for some weird reason fire monsters too. Why can’t fire monsters be like every other natural? I have no idea.


Relics are probably the hardest currency to obtain. You can only get them from daily rewards and the spin wheel, or by exchanging 3 diamonds into one.


Medals are the newest currency in My Singing Monsters, and are used to give your monsters on the collosingum the freshest drip. You can also buy special collosingum-only decorations.


Medals are obtained exclusively from fights to the death friendly singing battles in the collosingum.

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