Outriders: Fog Removal Guide

Follow the below steps to remove fog in the game “Outriders”.

Are you struggling to see what’s shooting at you due to the fog?

Easily remove the fog from your game by following these steps

1. Browse to C: \ Users \ [your user name] \ AppData \ Local \ Madness \ Saved \ Config \ WindowsNoEditor
2. open Engine.ini in your favorite text editor
3. add the following line “r.Fog = 0” under [SystemSettings] 4. save the file.
5. Enjoy being able to see.

** – note – **

if you don’t have [SystemSettings] – just add it to your engine.ini file, here is an example of what I added to mine, if you have disabled things like motion blur, it will already be there .

[SystemSettings] r.MotionBlurQuality = 0
r.FastBlurThreshold = 0
r.BlurGBuffer = 0
r.Fog = 0

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Written by: Sans

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