Microsoft Flight Simulator: Editions Comparison

This guide will explain the difference between the standard, deluxe & premium editions of microsoft flight simulator, and hopefully will clear up any confusion.


Standard (59.99 GBP)

If all you want is the base game, this is the edition to get. Note that you can still land in and fly out of all the airports in the pricier tiers. The difference is that those editions contain specific handcrafted reproductions of those airports.

Deluxe (79.99 GBP)

The deluxe edition comes with everything in the standard edition, “plus 5 additional highly accurate planes with unique flight models and 5 additional handcrafted international airports.”

Premium (109.99 GBP)

The premium deluxe edition comes with everything in the standard game, “plus 10 additional highly accurate planes with unique flight models and 10 additional handcrafted international airports.”

Deluxe Edition Content

Deluxe Edition includes all base-game content.


  • Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (Netherlands)
  • Cairo International Airport (Egypt)
  • Cape Town International Airport (South Africa)
  • O’Hare International Airport (USA)
  • Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport (Spain)


  • Diamond Aircraft DA40-TDI
  • Diamond Aircraft DV20
  • Textron Aviation Inc. Beechcraft Baron G58
  • Textron Aviation Inc. Cessna 152 Aerobat
  • Textron Aviation Inc. Cessna 172 Skyhawk

Premium Deluxe Content

Premium Deluxe Edition contains the base-game and deluxe edition content.


  • Denver International Airport (USA)
  • Dubai International Airport (UAE)
  • Frankfurt Airport (Germany)
  • Heathrow Airport (UK)
  • San Francisco International Airport (USA)


  • The Boeing Company 787-10 Dreamliner
  • Cirrus Aircraft SR22
  • Pipistrel Virus SW 121
  • Textron Aviation Inc. Cessna Citation Longitude
  • Zlin Aviation Shock Ultra

Regarding the deluxe airports

“Microsoft Flight Simulator includes nearly every airport around that globe that is represented in Bing Maps, which is roughly 37,000,”

“However, of those 37,000 airports, we have specifically hand-crafted 40 of them (depending on the edition – 30 for Standard Edition, 35 for Deluxe Edition, 40 for Premium Deluxe Edition) for the most realistic and immersive simulation experience.”

Written by: Zeus


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