Microsoft Flight Simulator: Fixing Launch Game

This guide will help you to solve the launcher issues in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Game Downloading Slow / Stuck

This is an issue where the game skips the package installation process and goes to the loading process. I found this issue when selecting a custom install path for the game packages.

To fix, keep restarting until you see a button that says “update” you should now see a white progress bar that displays the percent and the current asset status.

Launcher stuck at “Please Wait…”

This is when your launcher is verifying the download.

To fix, delete your packages folder if you selected a custom install path, and/or delete C:\users\’USERNAME’\appdata\roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\, and uninstall and reinstall your game launcher via the steam right click context menu.

Exe not found

When the game was first launched it only shipped with a 256kb steam api .dll
To fix, verify integrity of game cache and redownload the launcher


* do not, under any circumstances disconnect your mouse or keyboard! This will cause the launcher to get stuck (task not responding), because why not?!
* If you are stuck in an infinite update loop (the launcher is basically processing/ decompressing the same files over and over again), you can go to your packages folder and delete all packages not located in a folder. This will force the launcher to redownload the corrupt packages.

Written by: Mad Dog

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