The Henry Stickmin Collection: How to Get All of the Red-Color Achievements (Including 3 Hidden)

After a painstaking 8 hours, I managed to get through to 100%. in thanks to the people who helped through the Discussions here, I’ll write down how to get all of the red-color achievements for CTM (including the 3 hidden ones). I was going to do the other games, but I saw a guide was already in progress. as you can imagine by the title of this guide, spoilers ahead!

Play of the Game – In the RPE + TB route, choose ‘Sword Forme’, then ‘Absorb’ – on the fail for ‘Absorb’, click ‘Play Of The Game’ in the fail text, watch the cutscene and you will get the achievement.

Greasy Delight – On the GSPI + PD route, choose ‘Trash Ball’, then ‘Hot Knife’ – on the fail for ‘Hot Knife’, click the fail text ‘Butterfingers’ and you will get the achievement.

Lockpick Pro – On the RBH + GI route, choose ‘Magic Spell’, then pick ‘Lockpick’ 6 times – this will net you fail, a new Bio (if you’re fast enough to click) and the achievement.

This is Fun – On the GSPI + CA route, choose the Jetpacks (far right option), then click ‘Swap’ 6 times – this will lead to a brief scene with Charles commenting, followed by the achievement.

Speedrun Strats – On the RPE + PD route; ‘Abuse Physics Engine’ -> ‘Lagswitch’ -> ‘Walkthrough’, and click the tank logo in the top left corner. It takes minimum of 15 seconds (from my experience) before it will fail you + give the achievement.

Brryyess [Hidden 1] – On the RBH + CA route; ‘Fire’ -> ‘Fulton’ -> ‘Wombo Combo’ – then, when watching the credits, click the sun to get the achievement.

Respects [Hidden 2] – On the GSPI + GI route, pick ‘Magic Hat’, then ‘Mannequin’. When the fail screen says ‘Press F to pay Respects’, press the F key on your keyboard and you should receive the achievement.

Multiverse Correction [Hidden 3] – Painstaking, but you need to get all the Fails and Bios in every game. In other words, 100% the collection. It may be necessary to reload the game after you’ve done so, but once finished, go back to the RPE + PD route, skip back to the ‘CCC Mobile Unit’ section and click past the sticky notes saying ‘secret’ – if you’ve got everything, you should see a button that will display a cutscene, a thank you note from PuffballsUnited and finally the achievement.

Now, I saw a guide earlier that helped me get the stuffed animals for the ‘Assemble the Crew’ achievement, but for sake of ease, I’ll put it in terms of route combinations for specific colors;

GSPI + GI [CeO]; you can find the Yellow stuffie after the ‘Free Transform’ QTE choice, then the Purple stuffie after choosing ‘Leafmode’.
GSPI + CA [TT]; Brown stuffie after the ‘Umbrella’ choice.
GSPI + PD [VH]; Cyan stuffie after you click the ‘Luxury’ [32] pod.

PBT + GI [JB]; Purple stuffie in one of the upper pods after the ‘Teleporter’ option is chosen.
PBT + PD [SSR]; stuffie inside the truck after the ‘Stop’ QTE choice is picked.

RBH + GI [FM]; White stuffie floating around after the ‘Remote’ option is picked.
RBH + CA [CG]; Orange stuffie in the coin pile after ‘Fire’.
RBH + IRO [MBH]; Red stuffie after the ‘Convert’ choice.

RPE + GI [TCW]; Pink stuffie in the electric tunnel during ‘Midnight Surprise’.
RPE + PD [T4L]; Cyan stuffie under the ‘Phantom’ sniper after picking the top left option in the CCC.
RPE + TB [R]; there’s a Black stuffie near Henry in the intro cutscene when he’s woken up.

NB: There is also a fake grey stuffie if you click the one that pops out after ‘Trash Ball’ on the GSPI + PD – this does not count towards the achievement.

Written by: Lunarxe

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