The Henry Stickmin Collection: All Plushies + CmT Difficult Achievements

Among Us Plushies

  • Order from left to right, color, and exact location – including relevant fails/win cutscenes and specific Scenes – are included.
    1st plushie is red and is by the bookcase when Henry’s MGS team is spying at the security cameras in the “Convert” cutscene after the Front Gate.
  • 2nd plushie is dark blue and is on a tall crate to the right of Henry in the Leafmode fail in the Storage Bay.
  • 3rd plushie is dark green and is under Phantom in the CCC Mobile Unit nuke fail.
  • 4th plushie is pink and is in the electrical vent in the “Midnight Surprise” fail in A Few Ideas.
  • 5th plushie is orange and is in the money cart when Ellie and Henry successfully hijack the train – click either in the cutscene where they’re looking in or the Purse of Holding fail.
  • 6th plushie is yellow and is on the brown box next to the beer cooler after the Free Transform cutscene in Top of the Train.
  • 7th plushie is black and is by Henry’s bed in the opening scene to the Revenger route.
  • 8th plushie is white and is flying by Henry when he uses the Remote to eject himself into space in the Orbital Cell.
  • 9th plushie is purple and is above and to the left of the emerald after the Teleport cutscene in the Gravity Pit
  • 10th plushie is brown and is inside the watchtower where Ellie and Henry dropped onto with the Umbrellas fail in Where We Droppin’?
  • 11th plushie is light blue and is on the left side of the Luxury pod fail in the Escape Pods.
  • 12th plushie is light green and is in the truck on the right of the guards in Onramp.

HERRING: You will see a plush in the “Trash Ball” cutscene after Infiltrating the Orbital Station. If you click it, it’ll just be punched away and will go unclaimed. It does not count towards the collection.

Various Achievements

  • Play of the Game: click on “Play of the Game” in the Absorb fail screen in Finishing Move.
  • Greasy Delight: click on “Butterfingers” in the Hot Knife fail screen in the Orbital Hull.
  • Lockpick Pro: do the Lockpick option several times before Puffballs says screw it and lets you have your way in the Orbital Cell (Still).
  • This is fun!: Swap with Ellie until Charles tells you to knock it off in Rocket Boarding: Last Call.
  • Speedrun Strats: click the Walkthrough video fail over as soon as possible in Secret Weapon.
  • BRRYYESS!!: click on the sun in the Capital Gains ending.
  • Respects: click on the F in the Mannequin fail screen in the Passenger Car.
  • Multiverse Correction: not exactly sure – at least get all fails in ALL 6 Stickmin games, and possibly some achievements as well. All bios are unconfirmed, and the exact achievements required are currently unknown.

Written by: DragonRaider8212


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