Spelunky 2: World 3 Olmec’s Lair Guide

World 3 is a world with only one stage that resembles the final (non-secret) chamber of the previous Spelunky.

The fight is similar to Spelunky HD’s Olmec fight as well, as you have the gargantuan statue pound through the floor and break through the bottom.

At the top there is treasure, crates and etc., reachable if you have the jetpack or blow it up with sticky bombs. On the right, there is a ladder you can climb and will find an alcove with the whatever sisters you saved from the Jungle. If you are getting the Ankh, you can save a mount by dropping it here, as this is the only spot guaranteed safety.

To go the easy route, have Olmec stomp through to the level under the one you enter on. On the right, behind a movable block is the exit to the Tide Pools, but go quickly, as Olmec starts to throw bomb after bomb around the map. Down another level is the entrance to the Temple of Anubis, and under that is the lava with the entrance to the Ankh room.

Olmec’s Mechanics and the Ankh Chamber

The first phase of the Olmec battle (taking place on the top level) is a familiar one. You get close to Olmec and he attempts to stomp you. Further away and he quickly moves toward you.

Alternate between two stomp locations next to each other to have Olmec cut through. When stomps to the level under you, you can jump onto him to avoid damage. If you choose to stay, Olmec begins phase 2, in which he reveals he is an alien mech and hovers, throwing bombs both directions. If you stay on top, he can’t hit you with bombs, but will bomb the floor. If you let him bomb out the floor long enough, he creates an opening. The way to drop him is to hit two domes on his underside, each with three HP. If he falls onto the next level and lives, phase 3 of the fight begins. Similar to the first, Olmec stomps you but then opens back up, this time releasing two alien UFOs.

The UFOs shoot beams under them and when killed, fall to the ground wildly and explode. Continue to blast through the blocks with Olmec’s stomp, UFOs, and your own bombs until an opening to the bottom is revealed. The bottom is a pit of lava, and dropping Olmec in is the only way to defeat him. Once he’s in the lava, you can jump on him and enter one of many tunnels right above the lava.

These tunnels lead to the Ankh chamber. You can collect gold as you scale your way back to the top, the center of which has the precious Ankh, ready to be collected. The top right is a tunnel back to the boss layer of the level. You’ll end up where the rescued sisters are/would be, and can choose your exit. Be aware that all the blocks will still be cleared, so if you don’t have an item like the cape, jetpack, hoverpack, parachute, or a turkey, you can have trouble exiting the lair.

The Waddler

Placing two bombs under the ladder in the right of the room where you enter (on the top level) will reveal a tunnel to an NPC called the Waddler. He will supposedly bring items you drop there deeper into the cave. The most important use of the Waddler is holding Hou Yi’s bow until world 7, as you can only bring one carried item to the next level.

Written by: Hillsider


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