Spelunky 2: World 2 Volcana Guide (Enemies, Traps & Challenge)

This guide is all about the enemies, traps, mounts & challenge that you will come across in Spelunky 2 “World 2: Volcana”.

Volcana is entered through the door on the right-side at the bottom of 1-4. Though Volcana is probably easier, broadly speaking, than the Jungle, Volcana spawns lava which will kill you instantly if touched.

The problem this poses is that destroying the terrain around the lava makes it spill out, sometimes making your route impassable. Try as best you can to not blow up blocks next to the lava, but keep in mind that the robot enemies run and blow up when jumped on.

Van Horseling:

There will be a locked room in this world (appearing before the stage with the drill) that contain an NPC who will reward you with a Diamond for opening.

If you don’t have the Skeleton Key, there is another tunnel within the stage that has a key you can use to unlock the door. The NPC, Van Horseling, will kill Vlad if you release him and also go to the top of Vlad’s Castle.

Vlad’s Castle:

On one of 2-2, 2-3, and 2-4, a drill surrounded by purple blocks will appear at the top of the stage. There is a button up can press on one side if you’ve gotten the Eye of Udjat from 1-2 or 1-3. The button causes the drill to dig through the stage, with a chain you can climb down.

However, since it digs straight through terrain, if it’s dug through lava, it can be pouring out, blocking the chain. If this has happened, try to wait some time for all the lava to drip out toward the bottom if possible.

At the bottom there is a normal exit door, and a door surrounded by scarlet bricks. The one on the red background takes you to Vlad’s Castle.

If you choose to go in, there is a clover that extends your time limit and several hired hand coffins to break. At the top, if you are skilled enough to bring down the vicious vampire bats and Vlad himself, he will drop Vlad’s Cape, which allows you to double jump and fall slowly.

Furthermore, there will be a crown that you can pick up to use later (can be swiped even if Vlad is still alive). If you released Van Horseling in an earlier level, he will appear at the top and snipe Vlad for you.

Moon Challenge:

On one level of world two, an alcove with a mysterious NPC spawns, offering to “Begin Challenge” for $10,000. This is the Moon Challenge, and it’s the first of three challenges awaiting you while spelunking. This challenge begins with you grabbing a clover and climbing down a ladder to a mattock.

The mattock functions just like a normal one, and you use it to dig until it goes out. Hidden in the rock are areas with gems and crates, and one small opening with a bow. This is Hou Yi’s bow, a weapon in its own right (though not great) and a key to a later secret.

The challenge is pretty safe, with a small possibility of enemies spawning in the room where you start. Do not set off a bomb in the room though, as you’ll anger the hooded figure on the other side of the door. Periodically there are also square, movable blocks, that if you dig directly under them, will fall and can crush you. These are easy to spot though.

The only other threat is the small chance that an arrow trap spawns in one of the clearings. Always be mindful, but usually the challenge is well worth it because you tend to earn your entry money back, the clover makes up for the time you spent, you can find good items, and its relatively free of threats.


  • Magmar: Living lava monsters that hop out of the molten earth when you are nearby. They eventually disappear.
  • Robot: A robot that can be beaten by a single hop on the head, self destructing a few seconds later. These can create sticky situations if you don’t pay attention to where they are likely to explode.
  • Fire Bug: Bugs that climb the chains of Volcana, periodically shooting fire from either side. They can be killed with one jump or whip, but are immune to fire (I.E. the rock dog’s breath).
  • Imp: Imps fly above the ground holding cauldrons. When hit, they drop the cauldron, and if the cauldron is high enough when dropped it will spawn a magmar. The imp will then come at you and attack from the air until dispatched.
  • Lavamander: Deranged reptiles that sometimes lie in lava pits, belching lava at passersby. Be very, very careful when one of these is around. The lava they throw can create impassable terrain in which might give you little room to continue.


  • Spikeball Trap: A mace looking contraption that falls on you when you get under it. The chain its attached to is climbable, but be sure not to touch the ball. The terrain the ball lands on is destroyed.
  • Falling Platform: Little platforms that shake, then fall after you put your weight on it. Staying on a platform as it hits the ground absorbs fall damage, but can cause you to fry in a lava pit or put you in an otherwise compromising position. The platforms also damage whatever they land on (including you!).
  • Powder Box: Explosive boxes that ignite with enough force or any fire. Relics appear under two powderkegs with lava above. When you grab the Relic, the powder boxes explode and the lava falls.


  • Cave Turkey
  • Rock Dog: Volcana is the first and most common place to find a Rock Dog, which is a tameable mount much like the cave turkey. The Rock Dog doesn’t take kindly to intruders, though. If you get in front of a Rock Dog he will immediately hit you with a burst of fire, and this can lead to you dying in sequence of flame breaths. If you are able to tame by jumping on its back and not being thrust into a pit of lava, then the Rock Dog absorbs hits and provides double jump, much like the cave turkey. Unlike the cave turkey, though, its attack is the ranged flame breath that he scorches you with.

Written by: Hillsider


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