Risk of Rain 2: Finding The Teleporter Quickly

Struggling to find teleporters? Take a few seconds to learn the trick to spotting them from almost anywhere.

The Trick

Let’s get straight to the point: there are unique clusters of floating yellow orbs that appear in a large radius around every stage’s teleporter. If you can spot them, you’ve found the teleporter. Turn VFX Culling to the max to get the most out of this trick and spot crucial shrines and items from further away.

I made this guide so that people will stop asking Hopoo to make it easier, because once you know this trick, it really could only be made easier by spawning you at the teleporter on each stage…and that wouldn’t be very fun, in my opinion.

Some maps like Wetland Aspect, Abyssal Depths, and Siren’s Call may sometimes hide the teleporters in higher or lower elevations, or inside cave systems, so always expect to look for at least 30 seconds (usually less) on each stage. If you do not immediately spot the orb cluster in a few seconds, expect the teleporter to be underground or in one of these tucked away areas. Additionally, Distant Roost tends to hide the teleporter on the out-cropping behind the gate, if it is opened. I found each orb cluster – and thus, the teleporter – in less than 20 seconds on my example run.

The higher your resolution in-game, the better your chances are of spotting these flickering orbs. Unfortunately, I’m playing on a second setup (a laptop) for a while, so my in-game resolution happened to be 1600 x 900 here. However, I’ve been able to spot them without trouble at as low as 1280 x 720.

Teleporters will always radiate these flickering orb clusters, and these effects don’t appear anywhere else in the game, so train your brain to recognize them.

With just a few minutes of practice and now knowing what it is you’re looking for, you will easily find yourself locating teleporters faster than ever.

Written by: Catterbapz

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