Medieval Dynasty: How to Hunt Animals

All the Animals you can hunt and how tough they are to kill with a Spear

Might not be entirely accurate with the body shots because I try my best to get headshots, feel free to correct me if you tested it more accurately.


  • They’ll run from you. Chase those little buggers down because you’re faster and they die in one hit.
  • One Shot or Bonk anywhere


  • Annoyingly fast. Either headshot them once or prepare to walk after them for some time to finally kill them
  • One Shot to the Head or three to the Body


  • All Bark no Bite, They crouch low to the ground for a second when they notice you which gives you the perfect time to headshot them, if you hit but miss the head then start walking backwards and aiming that next spear because they will bite your ankles if you’re not careful enough.
  • One Shot to the Head or two to the Body


  • Awoooo. Headshot them while they announce their presence by howling at you or chug those spears while walking backwards once again.
  • One Shot to the Head or two to the Body


  • They charge at you before you even notice them, the moment you hear some heavy hooves running at you walk into the opposite direction and chuck those spears at their head. Or just run away, they’ll stop following you after some time.
  • One Shot to the Head or three to the Body


  • Tough Bison looking thing. Seems nice and peaceful until he suddenly charges you and takes away half your health. Keep your distance and get those headshots in, he’s somewhat slow so you should get him easy.
  • Two Shots to the Head or three to the Body


  • Found on Mountains in the South or near Lakes, Don’t know how dangerous because I never risked it. Don’t risk it.
  • Two Shots to the head or three to the Body

Written by: pc.usta


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