Fall Guys: How To Win More Games (Ultimate Guide)

Struggling to win games in Fall Guys? Hopefully this guide can help you win more consistently and create a better experience for you. We recommend this guide for newer players struggling to get started.

What is Fall Guys?


Fall Guys is a unique jelly bean battle royale game which showcases up to 60 players in a free-for-all. Only one person can win it all.

Some players find this game much more casual while others can take this game very competitively and find it a struggle to win!

Just remember, you’re a jelly bean in the greatest show ever alive! You’re competing to win it all! (This game isn’t that deep, take a breather and enjoy it if you are getting frustrated!)

In this game you can que with up to four of your friends. Just keep in mind, only one of you can actually win the game.

Tips & Tricks

You can do everything right and still lose in Fall Guys. Sometimes luck gets the best of people in this game. Just be patient and wait for your chance to win. In the final round of each game, it’s borderline entirely skill (so that’s your moment to shine.) However, there are some crucial tips you can still follow to find yourself more consistently in the finals.

List of Tips & Tricks

  • Master the art of the jump. As you’re playing you need to pay attention to when you’re jumping and begin to learn when is the right time and when is the wrong time. Jumping at the wrong time makes you more likely to fall. Be strategical!
  • Going back to the first tip, jump and dive when in large crowds. Due to the physics in this game, sometimes you’ll get farther and get up faster!
  • Learn when it’s better to be in a crowd and when to be separated. Certain maps you need to take risks, others you shouldn’t. Know the map where you need to break doors? (Aka Door Dash…) Let other people be bold and break them for you. You only need to be first in the final round!
  • Don’t showboat or sit at the finish line! Placement in each round effects how many points you earn when you finish the show. Sometimes you’ll see messages when you place well below each icon at the bottom of your screen (these indicate more points!)

Minigames List

There are currently four game modes in Fall Guys. Typically these game modes are decided by the population of the server (or how many haven’t been eliminated yet!) Here is the list of the game modes by size…

Largest Minigames

– Races are played when there are a LOT of players in the server. You will always play these in the first round of the match and possibly twice. For most players, it’s safe to say races are the easiest minigames since there are so many opportunities to win. If you lose race minigames it’s usually safe to say your probably just unlucky.

Medium Minigames

– Typically after races will come more survival styled game modes. In these minigames you won’t have to worry about the players as much as yourself. The only one who can truly make you lose a survival game mode is going to be yourself (unless it’s a TEAM minigame.)

The Final Minigames

– You’ve survived the large crowd of competition? Congratulations! You’ve survived all the worst of luck! In the final minigames you’ll probably be playing Hex-A-Gone or Fall Mountain which we’ll go over later. (This is where you’re going to make your crowns!)

Struggling on Team Mode?

I decided to make this part of the guide early, since this mode seems to antagonize people the most!

Team mode is going to require some luck to win. This seems to be the largest hump for even the best of players. Getting past this game mode usually means you’ll get to the final stage.

Even though it’s hard for anyone to give any game-changing advice to win more often, I can give you some advice that might increase your chances of winning more often…

Advice to Win More Team Modes

Don’t get frustrated when you have to play as a team. Try your best and clear your mindset still. Some people don’t give their best effort since it’s mostly luck anyways. (Trying your best and forgetting that it’s tough to win TEAM MODES sometimes will make you enjoy Fall Guys more!)

My favorite tip for team mode is make sure you’re focusing on your own team before other teams. Everyone wants to butcher the other team so be the one to focus on your own. If more people had a defensive mindset they would probably find their team doing better. Protect your own eggs or defend the goal!

Sometimes queuing up with friends that also want to win as much as you will increase your chances of winning.

Written by: Ryantactics


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