Fall Guys: Achievements & Levels

A complete guide to Fall Guys Achievements & Levels

This Guide is designed to be a helpful resource to securing 100% in all Fall Guys achievements and providing a complete guide to each of the levels.

A C H I E V E M E N T S ( 3 4 )


These achievements will simply be achieved through regular play.

SNOWFLAKE – Equip your first cosmetic item

BIG BULLY – Knock someone over

ONE SMALL TRIP – Qualify from your first round

TROUBLEMAKER – Bump into 3 people while rolling on the ground before getting up

FLAWLESS VICTORY – Qualify from a round without falling over even once

FALL BAE – Share a hug with a Fall Guy

FALL THROTTLE – Reach terminal velocity

STUMBLE CHUMS – Bump into other Fall Guys 1000 times in total

  • Takes some time, but happens quickly in this game.

FACE FIRST – Qualify from a racing round despite falling more than than 10 times

  • This is best done in the first round
  • Allowing the sweeper arms to hit you forward on Dizzy Heights will complete this quickly.

DOWN TO THE WIRE– Qualify after a round goes to overtime

  • This will likely happen during Fall Ball or Hoarders.

STYLE POINTS– Fall for at least 3 seconds before landing on your head

LOW BALLER– Qualify from a team game with a score of 1

  • This will likely happen during Fall Ball.


These will be achieved by playing the game and levelling up.

ONE TO WATCH – Reach lvl 10 fame during a season

HOUSEHOLD NAME – Reach lvl 25 fame during a season

STAR OF THE SHOW– Reach lvl 40 fame during a season


These will be achieved by purchasing cosmetics and equipping them.

SHOPPING SPREE – Unlock 10 cosmetic items from the store

FALL GUY FASHIONISTA – Unlock 50 cosmetic items from the store

CATWALK MODEL – Equip your first legendary customization item

BARGAIN BUCKET– Equip an uncommon or better Body Colour, Pattern, Upper and Lower Costume piece

MAD TRENDY – Equip a rare or legendary Body Colour, Pattern, Upper and Lower Costume piece

HEAD TURNER– Equip a legendary Body Colour, Pattern, Upper and Lower Costume piece


These will be achieved through consistently playing well.

VICTORY!– Win your first Episode

SHOW OFF – Win an Episode with a custom Celebration equipped

  • As soon as you can, purchase a custom celebration and equip it to achieve this during a win.

QUITE DASHING – Get first place in a racing round 5 times

TRACK STAR – Get first place in a racing round 20

TOP TIER – Win 7 Episodes

GOLDEN GUY – Win 20 Episodes

ONE GIANT LEAP – Qualify from 100 rounds

VETERAN STATUS – Qualify from 500 rounds

SQUAD GOALS – Win an Episode as part of a party of 3 or more players


These are the most difficult achievements.

BIG TEASE – Perform an emote just before coming first in a race round

  • This is difficult, but can be done. I found Dizzy Heights, Hit Parade, See Saw
    and Slime Climb to be the best levels for this
  • It is helpful to have a short emote ready before you attempt this, but not required
    since you do not need to finish the animation, only start it before you finish
  • Use your emote at the finish line and turn your camera angel at the end so you
    can see who is approaching you at the finish line
  • Persistence and play time will secure this achievement

BIG AIR – Clock up 1 hour total time falling

  • This is a big ask. However, very doable with enough play time
  • I will develop a strategy to achieving this quickly in a later update. I imagine it
    would take approximately sixty starting rounds of consistently falling off the edge
    to secure it

INFALLIBLE – Win 5 Episodes in a row

  • This will be extremely difficult! The developers have even mentioned that they believe this to be extremely difficult. However, it has been done.
  • The best approach would be to party up with friends and try to work together
    in the final stages, sabotage other finalists and have your friends feed you
    the victory (once you stack up two back-to-back wins to begin with).
  • With a lot of luck and skill you can do this.

L E V E L S ( 2 4 )

There are currently 24 unique levels in Fall Guys. They are divided into four categories: (1) Race, (2) Survival, (3) Team and (4) Final.

RACE (9 levels)

Dizzy Heights: Race across spinning platforms to reach the finish line.

  • Run in the direction of the spinning platforms
  • Jumping is only required on the second section of spinning platforms
  • The right hand-side is optimal due to the spinning direction of the final platforms
  • You can dive underneath the rolling balls on either side in the middle section and if you time it right you will get up right after the ball passes over top of you
  • Be sure to jump after the ramp upwards at the end to make it over the gap

Hit Parade: Dodge between obstacles as your race to the finish line.

  • I find the most consistent method is to dive down to the lower section at the start of the round avoiding the yellow objects at the bottom
  • Run down the middle section of the turn wheels
  • If you are quick enough, when you are out of the spinning wheels you can proceed to the outside openings of the sliding wall to jump slightly ahead. Regardless, the middle section of the wall will open up just after you reach it
  • For the remainder of this round, simply always run down either the left or the right hand side all the way to the finish. You will avoid the swinging balls and the objects on the slippery ramp easily

See Saw: Balance across rows of see-saws to reach the finish line.

  • This is a more difficult level to be consistent on as it largely depends on what position you are in at the starting line
    Always attempt to choose a see saw that has two dismounting options available
  • If you jump and then dive towards the direction the see saw is elevating towards you will almost alwayas maintain grip and climb to the top (as long as the is less than ~75 degrees).

Door Dash: Avoid fake doors as you race to the finish line.

  • With two simple tips you will almost always qualify in Door Dash
  • Never lead the pack, stay about 5-10 players back and let them risk choosing the doors. Even if you are in the lead, let people choose for you unless it is the first doorway.
  • If there is, or will be, high traffic at a door ALWAYS jump and dive through to make sure you are not caught and trampled by other players

Gate Crash: Dodge through moving doors as your race to the finish line.

  • Always choose gates that will open, not gates that are open as you approach
  • The outside doors (far left and right) of both the left and right pathway open less often, don’t use these doors
  • On the final section, again, choose the gate that will open for you and jump dive through to the finish. Slow down on the slippery ramp if you have to.

TIP TOE: Avoid fake tiles and find the hidden path to the finish line.

  • Go slow, follow the group to the finish, stay in the lead pack and don’t fall
  • Try to not identify the tiles yourself and let other players take the risk
  • Fake tiles will SHAKE
  • The final tiles are ALWAYS two leading straight to the finish
  • You can jump dive to make leaps from real tiles, this can save you in a race to the finish line

The Whirlygig: Dodge spinning beams, hammers, and fans as you race to the finish line.

  • At the start, allow the spinning beams on the floor to launch you ahead of the pack (the right side is optimal based on the rotation of the final beam)
  • Run on the yellow speed boost and jump onto the yellow box and up to the first spinning fan
  • You can take the middle path on this level (although many experienced players don’t agree). If you dive, at the right time, on the far left or right of the ramp before the windmill, you will NEVER get hit
  • You can use jump-dives to avoid a beam on the platform you are planning on jumping on by extend your air time
  • Take your time on the final jump and wait for the fan to have an opening

Slime Climb: Outrun a rising pool of slime as you race through obstacles to the finish line.

  • This one is tricky and there is a lot of shortcuts, however almost always less players qualify then the qualifying limit so take your time
  • On the first push section, wait for the first pusher to go before the second to allow you to cross at the proper timing

Fruit Chute: Dodge falling fruit as you race up a conveyor belt to the finish line.

  • Avoid jumping right away and getting hit by the first wave of fruit
  • Stay on either side of the ramp and use the triangle objects to defend yourself from oncoming fruit
  • Never grab during this map

SURVIVAL (5 Levels)

Jump Club: Jump over the spinning beam and avoid falling off.

Roll Out: Move between rotating rings to avoid falling off.

  • The outside rings spin slower, especially in the later rounds as the overall ring rotation speeds up. Therefore, stay on the outside two rings in the later rounds.

Block Party: Avoid the walls and stay on the platform.

  • There is currently a on this level.
  • You can jump on other players and jump on top of the right side barrier. Effectively avoiding all moving walls for the remainder of the round.

Perfect Match: Match the icon on the screen to avoid falling.

  • This is technically a logic game (according to the in-game classification), but for simplicity I have included here as it is essentially a survival mode
  • You only have to survive three rounds
  • Observe other player positions and make sure you have the correct tile. But don’t let other players trick you.

Tail Tag: Some players start with tails. Make sure you grab one when the time runs out.

TEAM (7 Levels)

Egg Scramble: Put the most eggs in your team’s basket before the time runs out.

Rock ‘N’ Roll: Push a giant ball through an obstacle course

Fall Ball: Score goals by rolling giant balls into your opponent’s net.

  • After a goal, the ball will fall in in the middle, this is a great opportunity to score by timing a jump that directs the ball into the net, the drop-shot.
  • Defence is important, especially if you maintain a lead. Stay in net and keep balls out. A great tip is to play goalkeeper and if the middle is open after a goal jump into your own net you will respawn centre field ready for the drop-shot.
  • There is now GOLDEN EGGS, which are worth 5 Points; focus on those.

Team Tail Tag: Make sure your team has more tails than the others when the time runs out.

Jinx: Make sure the opposing team is fully jinxed before yours.

Hoopsie Daisy: Jump and dive through hoops to score more points for your team within a time limit.

  • Get the gold rings if you can
  • Give your teammates space and spread out amongst the map. Don’t bunch up!
  • Follow the ring shadows coming down to determine where the rings will land before they do
    Changing your camera angle and movement direction while diving will change your direction mid-air to angle through rings

Hoarders: Keep balls in your team’s zone when the time runs out.

FINAL (3 Levels)

Fall Mountain: Race to the top of the mountain and grab the crown.
Hex-A-Gone: Be the last player standing on a series of hexagonal platforms that disappear as you step on them.
Royal Fumble: Grab the tail and make sure you’re wearing it when the time runs out to win.

Written by: Ñikkino$ & DubuNo$


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