Fall Guys: How To Get Infallible Achievement

This guide is for the hardest achievement in fall guy the infallible.

What you need for the unlock is win 5 games in a row.

After the first win all you gotta do is leave the game before getting eliminated so it doesnt count as losing. Then just win the last 4 games and you are done. ( If you gain kudos or xp after leaving the game you know that you left too late)

Beware there are some gamemodes that can be very hard to leave before getting eliminated like jump club or jinxed. Only go for the most comfortable strats. Also you can have your party members sabotage others so you have better chance of winning.

For team games its best to get good party so you can obliterate other teams and save time.

BEWARE! there have been some cases that your menu wont open ingame. Alternative option is to force quit with alt-f4. If you use the force quit method be sure leave bit earlier since it can still count as game.

When hunting the achievement you will most likely lose your streak atleast once being too slow or forgetting to leave. So dont lose hope after failing! (It took myself about 4 failed attempts and lot of hours)

Written by: Vaahtix

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