CK3: Removing Your Primary Empire, Kingdom or Duchy Title

So you gained that wonderful title of Emperor / Empress, King / Queen, Duke / Duchess and maybe you want to retreat from the world a bit, and manage a smaller territory.


You’ll need to have access to console commands to get this to work.
You’ll need to destroy any secondary Titles of the same type (Empire, Kingdom, Duchy)
– Destroying titles will be briefly explained further below
I wouldn’t recommend doing this when you only have your absolute last County title, that could cause weird things to happen.

Now to remove the Primary Title of your choice:

Click on a random ruler from the map that also carries an Empire, Kingdom, or Duchy title, whatever type of title you’re trying to get rid of on your ruler.

Click on the Pin icon in the top right corner of the ruler’s window
You can quickly find this ruler again by clicking on the Toggle Outliner button (it’s the small “page” icon/button in the top right corner of the screen), which will display the ruler that you pinned.

Make a note of this ruler’s title name, and whether it’s an Empire, Kingdom, or Duchy title

Open up the console, assuming you’ve enabled it.
Click on the button with the letter D in the top right part of the console to enable Debug UI Elements, if it’s not already enabled.

Take the target ruler’s title with the following command:
give_title e_titlename

replace titlename ^ with the name of the ruler’s title
the e_ before titlename refers to an Empire title so…

give_title e_titlename <– Empire
give_title k_titlename <– Kingdom
give_title d_titlename <– Duchy
give_title b_titlename <– Barony / County

Once you’ve taken their title, make it your primary by
– Clicking on your ruler’s portrait in the bottom left corner of the screen
– Click on the title in the ruler’s window that pops up
– Click on the Make Primary button at the bottom of the title window

Go back and click on your old title that you want to get rid of and click on the Destroy Title button.

Move your mouse cursor over the ruler you took the title from, and look for their “ID” number
under the DEBUG section of the window that pops up.

Now give back that ruler their title with
give_title e_titlename 23840230423

replace the long string of ^numbers ^ with whatever their ID number is.

You are now no longer bound by your Empire, Kingdom, Duchy title!
Of course you’ll need to still work on becoming independent, but I’ll leave that for another guide.

I’m sure some people are wondering why I didn’t just give away the original title instead of taking another one. When using a modded empire this can cause problems as giving your title to another ruler has a chance to give them a “copy” of your title. It’s weird, so this is the reason for the extra steps.

Written by: linis

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