BULLETS PER MINUTE(BPM): Characters, Items, Rooms & Bosses Information

A guide to the characters, items, rooms, bosses and BPM: BULLETS PER MINUTE gameplay information.


Each character has different values for health and armor as well as a unique starting weapon. You can also unlock a right mouse button (RMB) ability and an ultimate by beating the game on easy and hard respectively.
  • Göll: The generalist character. Starts with 100hp and an 8 round pistol that does low damage and has very short range but reloads in two beats. Her RMB attack is a projectile fireball that deals damage over time and recharges in 8 beats.
  • Freyr: Starts with no health and 150 points of armor. Has a high damage, long range, 6 shot revolver. The revolver takes one beat to swing the cylinder out and one beat to reload for every bullet fired.
  • Hildr: Begins the game with 50hp, 25 armor and a short range shotgun that has 4 shots and reloads in 3 beats. Also starts the game with 5 speed powerups.
  • Njord: Starts the game with 50hp and a non-hitscan projectile attack. Can’t use other weapons but has unlimited ammo and never needs to reload.
  • Odr: Has no health and cannot buy any health-increasing items nor can he purchase shields. His passive is that he can float and you can jump as many times as you want.

Ultimates and RMB Abilities

  • Celestial Wave: Hits everything on the screen for moderate damage. Recharges in 16 beats.
  • Barter: Lowers prices in the shop.
  • Hermóðr’s Enchantment: Hyper speed for a few seconds. Useful for getting around the map.
  • Njord’s Riches: Spawns several coins for you to pick up.
  • Snap Fingers: Hits enemies for large amounts of damage.


  • Burst PDW: Low damage per shot but shoots 3 times per trigger pull. 21 rounds in the magazine and reloads in a beat and a half. Can be fired on half beats like the pistols.
  • Combat Shotgun: Moderate damage, pump action shotgun. Requires a second trigger pull to work the pump and reloads in two and a half beats.
  • Grenade Launcher: 6 shot grenade launcher. Reloads in 3 beats.
  • Lever Action Rifle: Moderate damage rifle. Work the action on half beats and reloads in two beats.
  • Plasma Pistol: Infinite ammo, slow fire rate, ridiculous damage. Fires two beats after you pull the trigger.
  • Rocket Launcher: Standard rocket launcher. 6 shots, reloaded one by one and fires on full beats only.


  • Lucky Dice: Consumable that increases your luck stat by a large amount. I believe it is 6 points but my luck has always been too high to tell how much it gives.
  • Battle Lion: Cuts your cooldowns in half. Affects your dodge as well allowing you to dodge on half beats.
  • Dragon Heart: A shield that gives you one regenerating armor point.
  • Face of Death: Shield slot item that gives you double damage. Does not affect RMB abilities.
  • Skjalomeyar’s Plate: Shield slot item that gives you one point of armor.
  • Storm: Shield slot item that causes your attacks to hit nearby enemies. Also known as cleaving.
  • Boots of Rock: Boot slot item that creates a small explosion near you when you land after jumping or falling.
  • Giant Slayer’s Boots: Boots that cause your shots to deal percentage health damage.
  • Skates of Strafe: Boot slot item that gives a speed multiplier. Stacks with other speed increasing items.
  • Go Faster Glove: Gauntlet slot item that increases your movement speed by a large amount.
  • Loki’s Bargain: Gauntlet slot item that adds one level to each of your stats but has no other effects.
  • Midgard Bracelet: Gauntlet slot item that gives you one level of each stat and an extra bar of health.
  • Powershot Gloves: Gauntlet slot item that gives your shots the ability to penetrate enemies and walls.
  • Adventurer’s Fedora: Helmet slot item that swaps your equipped items counter clockwise one slot. Allows you to have more than one kind of item in your build since you now have incorrectly slotted items.
  • Equity: Helmet slot item that will do moderate damage to anyone that attacks you.
  • Hat of Madness: Helmet slot item that makes your shots cause the enemy to explode after a beat. 
  • Seiðr’s Hat: Mind flay hat gives you a small damaging aura around you.


  • Huginn’s Shop: General item shop. Sells health, health upgrades, armor, keys and equipment. Every purchase adds to your loyalty card and with enough points the shop will be upgraded.
  • Muinn’s Armory: Weapon vendor. Also has a loyalty system called Muinn’s Gratitude that is used to upgrade his shop.
  • Challenge Room: Has a lever that spawns enemies on platforms. You get a reward chest if you defeat all the enemies. You can pull the lever multiple times.
  • Golden Chest: Contains a chest that requires a key to open. Usually contains a piece of equipment. Some rooms have an extra section in the back that requires you to take damage to get into but contains an extra chest.
  • Library: Requires a key to open. Contains an ultimate ability or a RMB ability.
  • The Disk: Appears before the fight with Nidhogg. Dumping enough coins into it will cause it to spawn an item.


Shrines will give you an ability upgrade or item depending on the type of shrine.

  • Ability Shrine: Increases your ability stat by one point for one coin.
  • Damage Shrine: Increases your damage stat by one point for one coin.
  • Luck Shrine: Increases your luck stat by one point for one coin.
  • Precision Shrine: Increases your precision by one point for one coin.
  • Range Shrine: Increases your firing range by one point for one coin.
  • Speed Shrine: Increases your speed stat by one point for one coin.
  • Key Demon: Takes keys and rewards you with an item after a certain number of keys have been offered up. The rewards are randomized.
  • Coin Valkyrie: Takes coins and rewards you with a random item after a certain number of coins have been offered up. Rewards are randomized.
  • Slot Machine: Takes your coins. Maybe you get a reward, maybe you don’t.
  • Triple Chest: Not exactly a shrine but it won’t fit anywhere else in the guide. Each chest takes a key and may contain either an enemy or a reward.

Written by: Maximum Overhuman


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