Warframe Archon Hunts Guide (How To Do, Reward Pool, Missions & Modifiers)

What Are Archon Hunts?

Archon Hunts are a set of missions that are similar to Sorties which allow you to obtain an Archon Shard along with other rewards. This includes a set of missions at a higher difficulty which players can join or play solo depending on whichever they prefer.

During this set of missions, you will progress towards subduing a selected Archon that Kahl locates every week.

How To Do Archon Hunts?

You may start an Archon Hunt by opening the Star Chart and selecting the missions one by one, requiring you to complete all 3 to get the rewards.

Once an Archon Hunt has been completed, you may not repeat it until it resets, which happens every week with different rewards.

It is recommended that you join other players to easily complete these missions, but you can also enter the missions solo.

Archon Hunt Reward Pool

Each week you will have a chance to obtain different rewards along with a guaranteed drop of one of the Archon Shards.

The Archon Shard that drops every week will be picked at random as well as the other rewards from the Archon Hunt Reward Pool

The following have been revealed as the Archon Hunt possible rewards:

1) Common

  • Ayatan Anasa Sculpture
  • Riven Mod

2) Uncommon

  • 3 Day Booster
  • 8000 Endo
  • Kuva

3) Rare

  • Exiulus Warframe Adapter Forma
  • Orokin Catalyst Blueprint
  • Orokin Reactor Blueprint

4) Legendary

  • Legendary Core

5) Guaranteed Reward

  • Archon Shard (Azure, Crimson, or Amber with chance to be Tauforged)

Archon Hunt Missions

Archon Hunt missions will be different every week, which all end with you facing off against the selected weekly Archon.

The missions may take place in different locations and will have specific levels that increase the difficulty of enemies.

The following are the mission levels for Archon Hunts:

  • Mission 1 (Random Mission) – Level 130 – 135
  • Mission 2 (Random Mission) – Level 135 – 140
  • Mission 3 (Assassination/Archon Hunt) – Level 145 – 150

Archon Hunt Modifiers

During an Archon Hunt, there are possible modifiers that may be selected to increase the difficulty of the missions you attempt to complete.

The following are the Archon Hunt mission modifiers:

1) Empowered Enemies

  • Increases the Health and shields of enemies by 100% with an additional 50% for each squad member, stacking to 300%

2) Restricted Respawns

  • No Self Revive – Can only be revived by other Tenno
  • Last Gasp Penalty – Last Gasp focus ability reduces timer by 2 seconds
  • Bleedout Shortens – Bleedout timer becomes shorter after each revive (minimum of 5 seconds)

3) Restricted Consumables

  • No Summons – Summons is disabled for the entire duration of the mission
  • Cooldown Increase – All types of restore have a 3-minute cooldown timer which affects the size of the restore type.

Archon Hunt Bonuses

Every week in an Archon Hunt, there will be a selected Warframe as well as weapons that will gain additional stats. This will allow players to utilize this feature to have a better advantage over the enemies that they face in the missions.

You can view the current Archon Hunt Bonuses when checking the Archon Hunt mission in the Star Chart.

Repeating Archon Hunts

It is possible to repeat Archon Hunts in the same week, but the rewards will only be gained once, making it pointless unless you are after gaining experience.


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