Best Styanax Build (2023) Guide: Warframe

Styanax is a warrior-themed Warframe who is said to have no concern about how many enemies he faces and instead, where he can find them.

This Warframe is capable of dealing tremendous amounts of damage not only with his abilities but also with weapons when he disables enemies or weakens their armor.

He can be a valuable addition to any team due to the buffs he can provide as well as helping his team regenerate both shield and energy.

Best Styanax Builds

Below are some of the best Styanax builds that we have used in the game to easily defeat enemies and clear out missions.

1) Standard Build (Balanced Stats Build)

Styanax Build

The Standard Build for Styanax grants him the ability to utilize all his abilities at a moderate level, providing an increase in Strength, Range, and Duration.

This build works well for those who are first trying out the Warframe and wish to create builds of their own as they familiarize themselves with his abilities.

Styanax gains more Strength with this build to increase the damage of his abilities and improve the bonuses from his buffs.

2) Melee Fighter Build (Gladiator Mods Build)

The name says it all, the Melee Fighter Build is suitable for those who prefer to fight enemies up close with melee weapons.

With an increase in Strength, the amount of armor reduced when using Tharros Strike is increased, while also healing Styanax in the process.

His armor is greatly increased to improve survivability as this becomes vital when you focus on using melee weapons in certain situations.

3) Ability Range Build (High Range Build)

As its name implies, this was meant to increase the ability range of Styanax’s abilities which increases the area they affect.

Increasing the range will affect the range of all Styanax’s abilities, allowing him to damage more enemies as well as increase the range of his buff.

The Ability Range Build is suitable for clearing out large enemies or for when you and your allies are scattered around a moderately sized area.

4) Jugulus Carapace Build (Survivability Build)

The Jugulus Carapace Build was meant to provide Styanax with more survivability to not only last longer in combat but to also disable enemies.

With the addition of the tendrils that are spawned from his slam attacks, Styanax can survive longer as this will disable enemies, giving him time to heal himself and strike.

This build works well for both melee lovers as well as players who love to fight from a distance, providing them with multiple disables.

5) Combo Spammer Build (Ability Spam Build)

For those who love to dish out combos with abilities and fight up close, the Combo Spammer Build is a great choice.

The high efficiency of this build allows you to spam your abilities, mainly the Axios Javelin and Tharros Strike, which will gather enemies, weaken them, and cause an explosion.

This makes it easy for Styanax to deal damage and weaken enemies to finish them off with his melee or ranged weapons.

6) Continuous Final Stand (High Efficiency Build)

The Continuous Final Stand build allows you to utilize Final Stand and repeatedly cast it several times in a row to dish out heaps of damage.

The high efficiency also works well with your other abilities such as Axios Javelin, which you can use to set enemies up in an area for Final Stand.

Augur Accord is a good addition to the build as it helps you regenerate shields based on the energy that you have spent.


Since Styanax is capable of both dealing a good deal of damage to enemies as well as disabling them, he can utilize his abilities to easily clear out large groups.

His Axios Javelin ability is great for damaging enemies from afar as it pulls others to the target location and causes an explosion to clear out multiple enemies.

Combining his Axios Javelin with Tharros Strike is a good way to pull enemies together to reduce their shields and you can even finish them off with Final Stand.


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