How To Use Archon Shards in Warframe (Equip, Choosing, Unlocking & Removal)

Archon Shards were introduced during the Warframe Veilbreaker update, providing players with more ways to customize their Warframes.

If you have started to do the Archon Hunt missions, you will notice that you may have obtained one upon completion.

While not much is explained on how to equip the Archon Shards, it is in fact very easy to do so once you get your hands on them.

How To Equip Archon Shard?

To equip an Archon Shard, you will need to head over to the Helminth and go to the Archon Shards menu which is next to the Helminth menu.

Once you have opened the menu, you will see the current slots that you have and whatever has been equipped.

Choose a slot to see the available Archon Shards that can be equipped into the slot and select them to choose what stat you want to increase.

Once you have made up your mind on the stat, simply hit embed and confirm to equip the Archon Shard.

Take note that once you equip an Archon Shard, it will be equipped on one Warframe only and will not be available for the others unless you remove it.

Choosing Archon Shard Stats

Each Archon Shard has its stats which provide bonuses for either offense, defense, or utility stats which come as the following:

  • Azure Archon Shard: Defense
  • Crimson Archon Shard: Offense
  • Amber Archon Shard: Utility

You can further enhance your Warframe and mix and match the Archon Shards to get the perfect build you’ve always wanted.

Where To Get Archon Shards?

Archon Shards may be obtained from the daily Archon Hunts that are available each day and can be found in the navigation menu.

You may obtain different Archon Shards and sometimes can get one that is Tauforged, which provides a bigger stat bonus.

For more information about how to get them, check out our guide on How To Get Archon Shards.

How To Unlock Archon Shards in Helminth?Archon Shards Helminth

If you do not have the Archon Shards menu yet, you will need to first install the Helminth Archon Shard Segment to unlock.

For those wondering how to get the Archon Shard Segment, this is given to you by Daughter, sent to you through mail.

Once you have completed the Veilbreaker quest, it should be available to be crafted in your Foundry for resources that you can easily collect.

The following are the Helminth Archon Shard Segment crafting materials:

  • Entrati Lanthorn x2
  • Sporulate Sac x5
  • Devolved Namalon x10
  • Thrax Plasm x50

How To Remove Archon Shards?

There is no need to be worried if you would like to change the stats that you have equipped on a certain Warframe with an Archon Shard because they can be removed.

Removed Archon Shards will be refunded back into your inventory, but the removal process will require certain resources from the Helminth.

The resources to remove the Archon Shards can easily be replenished later on and will cost 50% of the Bile Helminth resource pool.


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