Warframe Chipper Offerings

During Veilbreaker, we were reintroduced to Kahl-175, the Grineer hero who rebelled against the queens and decided to start his group.

Now that he has set up his camp where the Drifter previously took refuge, you can now do Break Narmer missions and improve your rank with his syndicate.

The Garrison Syndicate allows you to rank up to unlock additional options when it comes to customizing Kahl as well as unlocking new items to purchase from Chipper.

Chipper OfferingsChipper Offerings Screen

Chipper is a Solaris worker who was previously captured by the Narmer and is rescued during the Sneaky Sabotage Break Narmer Mission.

Chipper will be selling Veilbreaker items as Offerings which can be purchased with Stock, a new currency used at Kahl’s Garrison.

The following are sold by Chipper:


As you progress through with Kahl’s Garrison, you will eventually be noticing some changes, which is an amazing addition to the game.

Now that you can use Kahl-175 once more, you can also help him improve his Garrison, while also getting some goodies in the process.

Some of the best things to look out for are the Veilbreaker Archons and the Archon Shards which can be purchased from Chipper.

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