Teardown: How to Create Custom Maps

Beginners guide for custom content in Teardown.

Installing MagicaVoxel

In order to create content for Teardown, you will have to download MagicaVoxel[ephtracy.github.io].

Extract the folder contents and launch the program. (I recommend starting it as an administrator, since MagicaVoxel does not start sometimes otherwise, for me, atleast)

Getting Used to MagicaVoxel

All the tools to create a model in MacigaVoxel can be found in the top right corner.

The most common tool to use is the Box tool, that is selected by default.

You can switch between attach and erase mode below it.

Another useful tool is the face select, that tool enables you to extrude voxels or to delete them.

Let’s delete the default cube by selecting the face tool on erase mode and dragging down on the top of the cube.

Let’s draw a shape using the Box tool.

And let’s paint it.

That’s pretty much the basics.

The color Palette


Teardown determines the material an object uses by the Index of the color in the color palette.

Download this .vox file[teardowngame.com] and open it in MagicaVoxel. The materials are listed on the left, next to the palette and cannot be changed. Though the colors can.

Useful Material List:

(from teardowngame.com/create)

Edit Colors in the Palette:

Create a gradient between colors by dragging while holding CTRL+ALT

Copy colors by dragging while holding CTRL+SHIFT

Randomizing colors by selecting multiple, right-click and RAND

How to Build the Objects Properly

To create a house, you want to create walls. But walls aren’t just one Voxel thick and made out of one single material.

This is a wall, yes but that wouldn’t be fun to break would it.

A real wall will have some support of some kind, or insulation. Something to make this more interesting to break.

Bad Wall vs Good Wall:


See the material list and combine them properly to get satisfying results.

Windows, Lights & Similar

In order to get windows, light or other effects in your build you will need to open the Render Tab

Select your color and chose the material on the right

If you want lights, use the “Emit” shader. Same for every other material.

See the create website[teardowngame.com] for more details.

Building Complex Scenes

In order to build complex scenes, you will need to know about the object mode and edit mode.

By pressing tab you can switch between the two.

In edit mode, you can edit your currently selected object, in object mode, you can move your objects around and arrange them.

While in object mode, you can press SHIFT while dragging one of the arrows to duplicate the selected objects.

You can add empty objects to edit them by pressing the plus icon in the top right.

That makes building a lot simpler, and is also recommended by the developers.

Adding Your .vox File to Teardown

In order to actually destroy your masterpiece, you will need to implement it into Teardown.

Save your file, and navigate to your folder where you saved it. Now, copy the .vox file and move it into the C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Teardown\create\custom folder.

Rename the existing file to something like custom_old.vox and rename the file you just moved to custom.vox

Now you just have start Teardown and start playing your map

Final Verdict

This is by far not everything you can do, but these are the basics for creating custom content.

I highly recommend visiting the create website by the devs (www.teardowngame.com/create).

They explain everything pretty well.

By: snoutie


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